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This week at Weekly Geeks, it’s all about animals. In books, movies, or real life. So, here goes… Which are your favorites? Of course, there are the usual suspects, like Black Beauty, The Jungle Book and Charlotte’s Web. All classics, all incredibly written, and they can be read over and over again.  Also, Morpurgo’s WarHorse has to […]

We’ve all faced the wrath of high school. Either we were too fat, or too thin. Either people expected too much of us, or nothing at all. Either we were ‘cool’, or we were ‘geeks’. Some of us made our peace with it, while some of us still hate that part of our past. Children […]

This is a well-written page turner, with all the elements of a good story: romance, history, friendship, murder, revenge, redemption, bad cop, good beggar, a young impressionable protagonist, and a history that seems to be re-living itself, with different actors…  Set in a desolate Barcelona in 1945, around the time of the Spanish Civil War, […]

Coming towards the end of April, we’re a third of the way through the way through the year. What’s the favourite book you’ve read so far in 2009? What about your least favourite? (question courtesy of MizB) I’ve read about thirty books so far this year, and it’s almost a pity but my two favorite […]

An anthropomorphic anti-Soviet social satire, this book stirred up a fair bit of controversy, and initially, a multitude of publishers refused to print it, fearing the repercussions of the act. The book focuses on the animals of Manor Farm, and how they go the full circle, from being owned by men and working for them, […]

O my brothers, this book is real horrorshow. You must have slooshied about it, and in my opinion, it’s a must read. Apologies for the nadsat, i.e. teenage Russian slang, but I think this is partly responsible for making this book just as good as it is (and I really can’t rate it high enough). […]



I’ve been pretty bad at keeping this blog up to date. In my defense, I’ve been working on a big project that’s been wrapped up now. However, I have still been reading – what with commuting about four hours daily! Read a few exceptional books; in fact, most of them from the 1001 Books To […]