Weekly Geeks – Mark It Down


Do you use bookmarks or just grab whatever is handy to mark your page? Do you collect lots of different bookmarks or do you have a favorite one that you use exclusively? If you’re not someone who uses bookmarks on a regular basis, have you ever used anything odd to mark your place?

When I was much younger, I used to make bookmarks, using stickers and color pencils. I aimed at making one a week, and had then in a neat stack on my bookshelf, so that they were always easily accessible. Grab & go – for everyone who ever needed a bookmark at home. 

Those days are long gone!

There was also a time I used hotel key-cards and old credit cards as bookmarks as well. Or, if I was on holiday, and had purchased one of those $20 phone-cards, they did the trick… Yes, I kept misplacing them, and yes – the people around me used to get quite infuriated with my carelessness… But, it just made sense at the time! 

I have a couple of bookmarks (both presents) which I tend to use, now-a-days. One’s an extremely adorable Winnie The Pooh one, that is commonly available at Waterstones, whereas the other is a souvenir from Switzerland.

However, more often than not, I end up using my travel card as a bookmark, as I mostly read on the tube. Of course, this ends up being painful sometimes, when I’ve finished a book but forgotten to take out my travel card. I’ll tell you this – reaching the station, and then realizing you’ve left your travel card in a book at home (or work) is one of the most frustrating experiences ever! 

I also try and remember the page number. Of course, this is not foolproof, and very frequently, I end up scrambling through a fair few pages, in order to determine where I need to start reading from again. 

Sometimes, when I get to work, and I’m in the middle of the book, I just grab a pen/pencil/stapler from my desk and place it between the pages. It’s convenient, and I don’t need to fumble around at all when the day’s done, and I’m ready to immerse myself in the book again. 

However, I don’t dog-ear the pages, nor do I ever leave the book face-down. I’m one of those annoying finicky people who likes my books looking brand new. Yes, I know – books are supposed to look used and read and enjoyed. But – I don’t know. To me, it feels realllllly wrong, as I think books are supposed to be treasured and valued and kept well. My copy of ‘The Fountainhead has been read about sixteen times (by me alone), and the book still looks almost brand new, and strangely (and geekily) enough, I’m quite proud of that. 


10 Responses to “Weekly Geeks – Mark It Down”

  1. 1 Maree

    I don’t know that my books look brand new, but I don’t dog-ear pages either. I tend to use whatever’s at hand for a bookmark.
    Happy Weekly Geeks :)

  2. 2 claire

    I like my looks looking nice, too, but I usually buy used so sometimes it can’t be helped. But I handle my books well, in whatever condition I found them in. I also don’t dog ear.

    By the way, I love your selection of titles on the sidebar. I’m so glad I stumbled onto you today. I’ll definitely be visiting again. :D

  3. 3 claire

    Whoops: I meant books, not looks. Lol.

  4. I don’t mind books getting old and battered, but I think it should be because they have been read several times, not just one and using travel cards seems very sensible to me. I like bus tickets.

  5. 5 uncertainprinciples

    @Maree : Happy Weekly Geeks :) I work way too hard to allow no cracks on the spine. That’s somewhat challenging for some of the ‘chunksters’.

    @claire : am sure you like your looks looking nice as well :))

    Yup, I do the same with the used books – handle them as well as I can. Sometimes though, if the book is in a really battered condition, it’s a serious deterrent for me.

    @hagelrat : Most of the books I read while growing up were used books, passed down to me by my older brother and my parents. Some of them were in really bad condition, and missed the last 2-3 pages – which is normally the most important part of the book. It was almost traumatic (!) so I made it a point to keep my books really well so that no one who borrowed my books had to go to a library/bookshop, and stand there reading the last few pages of a book they’d otherwise finished!

  6. 6 Gnoe

    I am careful with my books but I don’t mind if they look ‘read’. Saying that reminds me of a reading of David Mitchell I went to. When placing his autograph in our copy of Cloud Atlas, he felt the spine and was really pleased we had actually read the book before coming :)

    And I really really like having a bookmark that fits my book, not just any scrap of paper :\ It feels like pampering my book! LOL

    • 7 uncertainprinciples

      With the gorgeous ones you have, who can blame you! I still can’t get over how gorgeous it is! Or, how it survived in the grass for a couple of weeks (presumably?)…

  7. 8 Kerrie

    I have almost no hope of remembering a page number, although I can usually locate where I’ve got up to if my book mark has fallen out.

  8. ” I don’t dog-ear the pages, nor do I ever leave the book face-down”
    I so agree with you – i am finicky like that as well…

    love your book mark..


  9. LOL! :D

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