Weekly Geeks – Guilty Pleasures


This week’s Weekly Geeks was sent in by Maree, and it revolves around those things that we do when we’re not reading. So. Weekly Geeks, we’re going into the confessional this week.

What’s your non-reading guilty pleasure?
Trashy TV?
Trashier movies?
Junk food?

I’m not a big fan of TV or movies. Never have been, to be honest. I always preferred curling up with a good book, and some music, instead of watching TV – even cartoons. So what are my guilty pleasures (barring chocolates, which, I would say is more of a necessity, than a guilty pleasure!). Well, three things:

1. Gadgets – anytime I see something new, that looks funky, I want to buy it. Even if I don’t need it. I just have to have it! I probably subscribe to more techie blogs and magazines than book blogs. And some of it really blows my mind away. Ok, so that’s +1 on the Geek-o-meter for me!

2. Football – as in, proper football. I’m a Manchester United fan (ok, stop rolling your eyes. I am not a glory hunter!), and watching them play football is heavenly, most of the time. The Wednesday just gone by was painful, but if something gives you infinite pleasure, it’s bound to cause you pain as well, right? I hate the summer, because the lack of football means I end up twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do on weekends. 

3. Swimming – is amazing. You can lose yourself in the water, and as you cover length after length, all your worries ebb away, and you just end up feeling really relaxed and happy. While at university, I used to swim twice a day – first thing in the morning, and in the evening… specially during exam time (it might have had something to do with procrastinating…). Now, I barely get time to swim thrice a week… but, when I do, it’s always like a brand new experience. Of course, when I slip in the pool and my back bumps off all the steps, it’s not that much fun. Luckily, that happens rarely! 

So, how about you? Non-reading pleasures? 

18 Responses to “Weekly Geeks – Guilty Pleasures”

  1. 1 Maree

    Great list. Thanks for playing :)
    Happy Weekly Geeks :)

  2. Love the post..

    I love my gadgets as well- but i normally just want to be in the know rather than rushing out to buy..

    I HATE MAN U – I REALLY DO, – I am a Spurs follower ( i know , no jokes pleases)

    Swimming – sad to say i never learn to do more than paddle… something to aim for.


  3. I don’t have a clue why all you people get excited about football, I’m not a really good swimmer and hate getting into my bathing suit.

    Okay, I do understand your thrill for gadgets and I REALLY LOVE your Mt. Everest ;) Start with Cloud Atlas and read Middlesex after that! :)

    And no, I’m not really this grumpy ;)

  4. 4 uncertainprinciples

    @EroticHotizon : You’re clearly more pragmatic than me! I just want something and have to have it, like a child in a toy store.

    As for football, I was at Old Trafford for the 5-2. ‘Twas an early birthday present, and what a good one! But no jokes, no jokes (ok, can I be allowed one Robbie Keane one, please?) – I’m pretty miserable about football right now.

    @gnoegnoe : Think it’s something to do with these people being able to do things that I wouldn’t be able to do in a million years. It’s hard to explain, but it just kind-of really gets me going. And it’s exciting. Take my word for it :)

    Haha – I have Cloud Atlas, but am planning on putting it in my holiday bag, whenever I take one. Same with Middlesex. I’m realllly looking forward to reading both.

  5. Great post!

    Reading yours, I ought to go an edit mine. I need add a few more!


    WG: Guitly Pleasures

  6. 6 Jodie

    Aww my dad did not enjoy this Wednesday either. As for swimming, that sounds far too healthy to be a guilty pleasure.

  7. 7 Gavin

    Gadgets can be quite seductive, and I really get the part about swimming. I could never consider that a guilty pleasure, for me it is therapy.

  8. 8 Ali

    I love your description of swimming. I’m not a big fan of it, myself, but you make it sound almost worth jumping in a pool this afternoon! :-)

  9. 9 uncertainprinciples

    @Jodie & Gavin : Therapeutic and healthy, yes. But, doing it to procrastinate exam studying (amidst other things)… Guilty pleasure :) Now-a-days, it’s mostly for relaxing, and clearing my head.

    @Ali : Thank you! Swimming, for me, is almost an addiction. It’s like what running is to some people – just a way to isolate myself from the world, and focus on ME. Narcissist, hey!

  10. LOL. I wouldn’t consider swimming a guilty pleasure. I wrote about my DVD collection.

  11. Now I feel worse, someone wrote something good for you under this topic :o)

  12. My Nana is a Manchester United fan!! She’s from Manchester, and we still have family over there! Great list!

  13. I am with you re. gadgets. I am no techo-wiz at all, but I love new cell phones, laptops and other types of gadgets. Obviously I use my laptop, but I have many gadgets I’ve have never really used or learned to use ;)

  14. 14 uncertainprinciples

    @Kristen : It’s not ‘good for me’. In the cold miserable winter, when I’m having a rubbish day, I’ll go for a swim and then invariably fall ill, and have an excuse not to do much for the next few days! :)

    @Kristina : Thanks! I really like Manchester as well, albeit I’m not from there. The things a football club can do to you.

    @Louise : Yeh, I know exactly what you mean. I just need to buy them, almost impulsively. And I waste so much time on geek blogs, it’s actually embarrassing. And I go through this phase when I get really excited, and keep licking my lips in anticipation, as I contemplate my new toy… (hopefully, it’ll be the iPhone in a couple of months).

  15. I love your gadget obsession, I’m with you on that. I also listed football as a guilty pleasure, good old American football where the players are encouraged to hit their opponents. LOL I am teasing you. My son is a soccer player so I have to watch it and pretend it’s an exciting sport!!! :D

    • 16 uncertainprinciples

      I struggle to understand American football. I even went for a UCLA-USC game a couple of years ago, and just didn’t get it. Someone did give me a USC badge though, and someone else was ensuring we had a sip of vodka straight from the bottle, followed by a gulp of orange juice. It was one of the strangest experiences of my life! Never done that at a football (soccer) game!

      English football/soccer is great! :D

  16. 17 Linda

    Gadgets can be an expensive guilty pleasure but such a fun one.

    • 18 uncertainprinciples

      It’s the classic battle between money and sense. Unfortunately, I’m not the most sensible person under the sun :(

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