J.M. Coetzee – Disgrace {Weekly Geeks Q&A}


This is the final post on the Weekly Geeks Q&A from 13th June. It’s taken me about a month to ‘catch up’, and I will still have a trilogy to go. As I’m planning on re-reading His Dark Materials in August, I’ll hold off until then. Yes, I tend to procrastinate ever so often.

I read Disgrace last year, and really enjoyed it, mostly because the story starts off on one note, but just spins off, and the sequence of events that follow seem very surreal.

On with the questions… Well, umm, question (singular) in this case.

From gautami tripathy:

Disgrace: what is it about? Do you recommend Coetzee to your readers? Is it your first by that author?

‘Disgrace’ is about a professor, David Lurie, at the Technical University in Cape Town. He has an affair with a student, and her parents lodge a complaint with the University. At a formal inquiry, he admits to sleeping with the student, but refuses to seek clemency or admit that he was wrong. Instead, he resigns to his daughter’s farm in rural South Africa, as he waits for the whole thing in Cape Town to blow over.

This, according to me, is where the story starts: about Lurie’s relationship with Lucy (his daughter), and their life on the farm. It touches upon them being victimized by racial attacks, where Lucy is raped and Lurie burnt, and its aftermath, which leads to Lurie’s perspective on life and women changing.

I recommend Coetzee to anyone who listens to me! I loved this book, and its straightforward simple writing, that touches on many thought-provoking and difficult subjects: racism, rape, redemption, reality. It doesn’t offer a quick-fix to the disgrace of apartheid, but, it does end on a note of hope…

Nope. I read Diary of a Bad Year before I picked this one up. I was completely enthralled by that book, due to its quirky writing style. It might be one of the most ‘intelligent’ books I’ve read in the recent past, and hence, when I saw Disgrace, I had to pick it up.

I have both, Youth and The Life and Times of Michael K on my TBR. The latter is supposed to be Coetzee’s best book ’til date, so I’m really looking forward to that.

4 Responses to “J.M. Coetzee – Disgrace {Weekly Geeks Q&A}”

  1. Hi, I have Disgrace on my summer reading list and really looking forward to reading it. especially after reading your review.

    • 2 uncertainprinciples

      That’s great to hear. Hope you enjoy it. It’s actually a pleasure to read his works.

  2. 3 3m

    I plan on reading this one in the next few months. I read Life & Times of Michael K and thought it was a worthy read.

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