I Hate WordPress – I do, I do!


I spent the last two and a bit hours doing a really nice layout of all the Booker Prize winners, complete with images, and links to the books I had read, as well as a massive red cross against the books I had read, but not reviewed. I did the whole thing in HTML, as opposed to using the “Visual” tab, as I thought it would be easier and quicker, and HTML gives me a tad more control over what I’m doing. Throughout, I kept previewing my changes, to make sure there were no syntax errors. And then – then I publish it, and guess what?! WordPress decides to strip out all the images and just leave a table of years, with links, and nothing else! :(

Argh! I’m not a happy bunny, and I’ll need to re-do this… and, it looked so nice as well! I’m going to bed, and crying myself to sleep. I expect this to happen to me five days a week at work – when I code something, and it doesn’t quite do what it’s supposed to. But here, at home, as my Sunday draws to a close – now, that’s just wrong on so many levels!

7 Responses to “I Hate WordPress – I do, I do!”

  1. Sorry to hear about your frustrations. I hate it when it doesn’t work – you can waste so much time fiddling with these things.

    I hope you sort it out quickly and manage to find something to cheer you up. I hate the thought of you crying yourself to sleep.


    • Thanks – you’re so sweet! I think it was just the frustration at that very minute. I got over it, and decided it was a sign that I need to make what I’m doing funkier. I did have a repeat episode at work today, where, I was working on this super-duper spreadsheet and then Excel crashed! Story of my life.

      Oh well – thanks again. I didn’t really cry myself to sleep. Just yelled in exasperation, and got over it! :)

  2. 3 Lily

    When I make time-consuming pages, I tend to copy and paste the html code into a text document periodically as a back-up. That way if the interweb eats my code, I won’t have wasted all that time.

    I hope WordPress treats you better in the future. :(

    • This is probably the first time I was doing a WordPress post in HTML only. WordPress does auto-save, and I was regularly previewing what I was doing, so, I didn’t think it necessary to copy and paste it. Now… now, I know better!

      You’re smarter than I am, and I’ll learn from you :)

      PS: The auto-saves had blanked themselves as well! Grrr!

  3. 5 Mish

    Ouch and buggar!

  4. How frustrating! I often wonder why there are preview tabs when the previews look nothing like it actually comes out looking on the blog.

  5. @Mish : Tell me about it. I’m still in half-a-strop about it!

    @Rebecca : I know! That is wrong on so many counts… Argh! Sometimes, I really don’t understand why things pretend to work, when they clearly don’t.

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