Booking Through Thursday – Recent Best


Today’s Booking Through Thursday asks : What’s the best book you read recently?

After the horror of last week’s The Other Hand, I’ve managed to read two great books this week: Samantha Harvey’s The Wilderness, which is longlisted for the Booker Prize this year, and Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince, which is a must-read, I think, for every child and adult.

Now, I don’t know what your definition of “recent” is, but, I’ve just given you two of my last three books.

How about you? What’s the best book you’ve read in the last month or so?

12 Responses to “Booking Through Thursday – Recent Best”

  1. I’ve only just put down “Memoirs of a Geisha”, and I found it absolutely beautiful, the way it was written. Another good one was “Dracula”.

    • I haven’t read Memoirs of a Geisha – it’s one of those books which I’ve had an eye on though. Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much. Maybe it’s the final kick I need to actually get myself a copy.

      • It was Great reading. I was really impressed with Golden’s extra research. Memoirs of a Geisha didn’t come off as written by a touring gaijiin (foreigner), which I thought might be the case before reading it and why I was originally hesitant to read it. Add it to your pile.

      • Done. It’s going to collapse any moment now, and I’ll blame it all on you :)

        It makes sense to, specially with the Japanese Lit Challenge 3.

      • Huahaha…I hope you enjoy it too :)

        I wish I can put it on my challenge but it was done months ago

  2. 6 novelinsights

    Funny that you didn’t like The Other Hand, I recently put it on a book group choice list because I’d heard some good things, but then chose The True History of the Kelly Gang, because it had fewer bad reviews on Amazon. People either seemed to love The Other Hand or hate it.

    I love, love, love The Little Prince. It is such a charming story full of wisdom.

    Thanks for visiting my blog btw.

    • You’re right: Claire from Paperback Reader said the same thing, it’s a book you either hate or love. Unfortunately, I hated it!

      I still find it astonishing that I only discovered Little Prince this week. It’s amazing. I’m sure I’ll be saying I love love love it myself :)

  3. Angels and America, which I finished this week. It’s the third time I’ve read it- ‘nuf said. Since recent is relative and it is the best New book this year, Palimpsest, which I read in Feb.

  4. Thanks for visiting :) you made me more curious about Hunger Game.

    my choice of book is Battle Royale….cruel but beautiful
    To Michelle>> I put down Dracula after just 3 pages. I might try reading it again 1 day.

    • Hunger Games, I’ve heard, is based on Battle Royale, which is why I’m so totally torn. Do I want to read the original first, which will ensure I don’t really enjoy Hunger Games, or should I read Hunger Games first…? Decisions, decisions.

      • What?? that book is based on Battle Royale?? This is something I just heard…it gives me doubt to read it :(

        I enjoy battle Royale A LOT

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