Booking Through Thursday – Recent Big


This week’s Booking Through Thursday’s question is:

What’s the biggest book you’ve read recently?

(Feel free to think “big” as size, or as popularity, or in any other way you care to interpret.)

At about 560 pages, I think Sarah Waters’ Fingersmith would have to be it (just finished it last week). It’s not the biggest book I’ve ever read/I’ll ever read, but it is “recent”.

If I think in terms of popularity, I’d say The Time Traveler’s Wife, specially with the movie release. Unfortunately, this was one book I just couldn’t get into.

How about you? What’s the BIGGEST book you’ve read recently?

27 Responses to “Booking Through Thursday – Recent Big”

  1. 1 novelinsights

    You’re right about The Time Traveller’s Wife being big in popularity! I really enjoyed it, but I’ve just had a glimpse at your post on it and your comments have a fair point. In fact you sound exactly like my boyfriend when he’s doing a post mortem on a movie he thinks doesn’t make sense. I haven’t read the Fingersmith (in fact I haven’t read any Sarah Waters) but the Night Watch is on my TBR.

    • Thanks! It’s a pity, because it was one of those books that I really wanted to enjoy. Looking forward to reading what you think about Night Watch. Fingersmith is the only Sarah Waters I’ve read so far, but I just ordered The Little Stranger.

  2. I didn’t know Fingersmith was that huge. hm…I’ll have to think about removing it from my wishlist, I dread chunksters.

  3. The Time Traveller’s Wife is the most popular book that I’ve read recently, too. Here’s my BTT.

  4. I know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb is my choice!

    Booking through Big

    • I haven’t read a Wally Lamb yet, but have The Hour I First Believed lying on my bookshelf at the moment. Quite looking forward to reading it.

      Have you read any other Wally Lambs? Which would you recommend?

  5. Good choices! I’m totally excited to see the movie version of Time Traveler’s Wife this weekend.

  6. Hmmm…I haven’t read anything over 400 pages in awhile, but I’ve been slowly wading through 1200 pages of the Bible for over a year and am now at page 435 (Kings II). Why did I think that would be a good side project? Oy!

    I don’t really read anything too mainstream so popularity is a hard one. Maybe Neil Gaiman’s the Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish for children or the Dykes to Watch Out For comic by Alison Bechdel or Tony Kushner’s play Angels in America? Eh, popular is relative.

    • I haven’t read any Neil Gaiman yet, if you can believe it. Must change that as part of the sci-fi challenge.

      Not heard of the others… relative is a good word to describe it :)

      Reading mainstream fiction is always interesting – specially because I’ve been severely disappointed by three very “popular” books: Kite Runner, Da Vinci Code, and Time Traveler’s Wife. At the same time, I have discovered some gems, which I wouldn’t have otherwise, so…

  7. I put The Travelers Wife also on my BTT post. I just read your review on it – EXCELLENT. I am so glad because I was really feeling like I was the minority that couldn’t appreciate it. The back and forth etc was so confusing at times and others were exciting. I stopped reading it and then when the movie was coming out I tried to finish……..

    I am about to start Sisters Keeper and I see that you enjoyed that and someone didn’t understand how you could like that but not TTW so now I look forward to seeing what I think, lol

    • Thanks – I find more and more solidarity. :) I honestly thought the book would get better, as it seemed to have potential, but…. argh!

      My Sister’s Keeper – I thought it was an interesting premise, and it explored some complex topics very well. The ending sucked, but, in my opinion, the rest of the book kind-of made up for it.

      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it as well.

  8. I haven’t read Fingersmith yet, although I like Nightwatch a lot. I’ll have to try that next.

  9. Hmm…I found mix review on TTW…makes me confuse either to read it or not

    • Personally, I prefer reading a book that people liked or didn’t for their different reasons. More often than not, I end up let down by a book that’s been raved about by the masses because of the built up expectation. Occasionally I’ll like something that others didn’t. Either way, I’ll have my own opinion.

      • I think most people liked it, but there was a handful that didn’t. You should give it a shot, and see for yourself! It’s one of those books: either love it, or hate it. I reckon very few people will consider it “okay”. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  10. 22 cjz111

    Time Traveler for me too and not as hyped as most! Great choices.

  11. I also picked The Time Traveler’s Wife, and while I didn’t hate it, I didn’t exactly love it like so many people have. I didn’t think it lived up to the hype.

  12. I’m another non-fan of TTW. Very disappointing! Oh well. Hopefully the movie will be better although if you’ve seen its Rotten Tomatoes rating…. :-(

  13. @Kris : I concur – I was expecting something fantabulous. Oh well, win some, lose some.

    @Marie : I love the solidarity the ‘net brings! :) I’m going to pass on the movie though… after the book…

  14. You know … I never thought of “The Time Traveller’s Wife” as being a big book. I just adored it and flew through it!!!

    I got a Kindle earlier in the year and I tell you — it makes reading big books way more comfortable. I really detest having a long heavy book to hold — I put off Ken Follett’s “World Without End” until I got my Kindle so I didn’t have to lug it around. : )

    • lol

      It’s bizarre – I love gadgets, and pretty much blindly invest in them, but I just can’t seem to warm to the Kindle, or to any electronic reader, for that matter. There’s something about the feel of real paper, and actually holding a book, which the Kindle seems to take away.

      It is pragmatic, specially for looong heavy books, and I’m sure my shoulders/back would appreciate it, but, I don’t think I’m ready for it yet. I tried reading a book on the iPhone (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button & Other Stories), and I lasted a page and a half. So… maybe I’ll get one “eventually”…..

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