Strange Reading Places


So, what’s the strangest place you’ve read a book? The reason I ask is… I’ve had two strange places in two days, and subsequently, a lot of people have been giving me strange looks. In my defence, I was engrossed in the world of Darkly Dreaming Dexter, and I really couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.

Place 1: I had tickets to the Coldplay concert last evening, and because we were in the free seating/pitch standing area, we got there relatively early, to ensure we had good places. The supporting acts were Girls Aloud and Jay-Z – neither inspired much, for I don’t do pop, and I don’t do rap! Now, while Girls Aloud were performing (if you can call it that), I decided to bury my nose in the book, and block the really bad music (in my opinion) out, which resulted in people giving me really bizarre looks. Coldplay, on the other hand, were fantastic entertainers, and if you ever get a chance to go to one of their gigs, do! I love Chris Martin! :)

Place 2: Today was a lovely day, and I was craving a milkshake. Now, when I want a milkshake, I WANT A MILKSHAKE! You can say I have a bit of a problem. Anyway, I had about seventy pages of Darkly Dreaming Dexter remaining, but I really wanted that milkshake. So, I walked from home to the milkshake place, and as it was a thirty-minute walk, I thought it made sense to read and walk. I could’ve taken the tube, but that would’ve taken longer than walking, and there’s no direct bus route… so walking did make sense. And, as I’ve already mentioned, it was a lovely day…. but, people looked at me funny. I didn’t get honked at, though, nor did I fall over something, so all in all, it was a good day… and, I did finish the book!

How about you? Or, are you more sensible, and less likely to walk the streets of London, with a milkshake in one hand, and a page-turner in the other?

18 Responses to “Strange Reading Places”

  1. I regularly read on tube escalators and along the travelator in Waterloo station; it seems pointless to me to close the book and put it back in the bag whilst I change tube lines. I really will read anywhere though.

  2. I don’t think I’ve read anywhere that weird. I can’t walk and read as I can’t concentrate on both – I end up walking into things or forgetting the words! There is no way I could read in a concert – I can’t read with the TV on as the words get mixed up, so the volume of a concert would be way too much for me!

    I agree that Coldplay are great though!

    • Haha, I’ve walked into a pole while at University, and had my glasses fly far far away, but, I’m more careful now :)

      Luckily, I can read in spite of the noise and chaos around me. I’m actually very thankful for that, because it means I manage to read a lot more, than I’d be able to otherwise.

  3. 5 Jacqui

    I read while cooking – does that count? Stieg Larsson should be a definate – I may reread the lot when the 3rd paperback comes out – they are good enough I think to merit this. Will try a Dexter soon – has been on my TBR for some time.

    • Cool, am looking forward to seeing what you think of Dexter. It’s strangely addictive.

      As for reading while cooking – well, it counts. I can’t do that… maybe an audio book, but not a paperback/hardback!

  4. Some people go to cafés to read, I go to a Chinese buffet maybe once a month. I’m usually there for 2 hours, reading while I nosh. I occasionally get looks from those who go specifically for the food, but some of the employees have gotten used to it.

    • I’ve done Starbucks way too many times. Reading while noshing makes sense to me. Not gone to a Chinese buffet place, but have gone to a pizza place! It’s just that, sometimes, I really get the munchies while reading (and nope, am not on drugs, before you ask!).

  5. Ah, yes. Concert reading. I took my book to the Download Festival this summer… No problem reading over the less interesting bands, and my fellow rock-types were very cool; didn’t bat an eyelid.

    Reading whilst walking?! I recently read about this phenomenon elsewhere and didn’t quite believe it. It sounds horrendously dangerous!

    • Good on you – rock types are cool. It’s the Girls Aloud fans that are the ones who were giving me the looks :(

      As for reading while walking – it is stupid, but, sometimes, it just makes sense!! :S At least, I look up to cross the road.

  6. 11 Pam

    Impressive milkshake holding page-turning skills!
    Alas, my reading places are less exciting: Bed, couch and beach.

    • Beach? Am suddenly very jealous, not because I like reading at the beach (I don’t – despite sun block, I burn very easy), but because I love swimming in the ocean.

      • 13 Pam

        I live in Cape Town, so I’m decidedly spoilt when it comes to good reading nooks on beautiful beaches!

  7. Oh, lucky you! I love beautiful beaches.

  8. You are certainly one impressive multitasker! 1. I don’t think it’s strange that you decided to read during a concert (particularly Girl Aloud…) but I do find it impressive you managed to concentrate! 2. I wish I had your peripheral view and balance because I walk into things even with both eyes free. I don’t think I have any strange reading places…but I did started reading while inside a casino. Gambling bores me.

    • I don’t have a peripheral view, and my balance is terrible. The first month I started working, I fell over a box, and landed flat on my tummy in front of 40-odd people. Since then, people have been making fun of me. I’m also the only person I know who fell down in a swimming pool, and who twisted her knee really badly, by stumbling over her own two feet!! I bang into things, fall into things, bruise easy, and well… you get the idea, right? :)

      Oooh, casino! That’s pretty good (it falls in my “strange” category). Don’t blame you for doing so in the casino, specially if you got the waitresses there to get you free drinks as well. :)

  9. haha you sound like me! I read while I walk to work because it’s down one long road, turn a corner, then down another long road (although yesterday I tripped more times than I’d like to say :P)

    Last week on a drive out, my friend wanted to stop and get macdonalds, so while he went inside and ordered I sat in the car and read, but I don’t think that’s strange O.o

    • Haha, you sound like me with the tripping…. I’m so incredibly klutzy, it’s amazing I’m still allowed out in public, without a sign on my forehead that says : DANGER!

      I think getting something from McDonalds is stranger than sitting in the car, reading – in fact, sitting in the car reading isn’t strange at all. And, a McFlurry is probably a good accompaniment as well :)

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