Jeff Lindsay – Dearly Devoted Dexter


I’m going through a bit of a Dexter phase at the moment. I blame it on the fact that these are borrowed books, and I hate hanging on to borrowed books for too long. Plus, these books are seriously addictive, and keep you hooked on for dear life. Dexter is charming, charismatic, and committed – to killing the bad guys. He’s also ‘devoted’ to his sister, Sergeant Deborah, and while he insists that he’s not capable of feeling love, this book has a lot of “Dimpled Dexter” to the rescue references, for each time Deborah calls on him for help. He just can’t say no!

This book is slightly more morbid and disturbing than the first in the series: a torturer is on the loose, and he doesn’t kill. Instead, he dismembers the body beyond recognition, and leaves the “living flesh” under a mirror so they can see themselves, limbless, eyeless, noseless, earless, lipless, genital-less… you get the idea, right? He gives them enough painkillers (barbiturates) to ensure they don’t die of shock, and his surgical skills surpass excellence, as the wounds all seem to heal, and there’s no blood involved. Dexter, in his dark humor, refers to the torturer at large as ‘Dr. Dismember’.

Deborah seeks Dexter’s help to prove a point to her newly-found Washington lover who has taken over the case, but Dexter just wants to be left alone. That’s not the only thing on his mind, though. Sergeant Doakes has a sneaking suspicion about Dexter’s “hobby”, and he tails him continuously, to catch Dexter in the act. The Dark Passenger inside is contained by sheer determination and patience – but how long will it be ’til Dexter gives in to his greater power? And finally, Rita’s getting really close, and has been thinking about marriage. But, Dexter, the emotionless reclusive bachelor, is not a family man…

There was nothing in the refrigerator remotely worth eating, unless you were a feral dog. Very disappointing: Dexter is a healthy boy with a high metabolism, and facing what was sure to be a difficult day on an empty stomach was not a happy thought. I know family comes first, but shouldn’t that mean after breakfast?

Ah, well. Dauntless Dexter would make a sacrifice once again. Pure nobility of spirit, and I expect no thanks, but one does what one must.

I don’t know, but with his dark sense of humor, and his supreme intelligence, it’s actually hard not to get fond of Dexter, despite questioning some aspects of his moral code, which he strictly adheres to, even if it is at his own inconvenience. The more I read, the more addicted I am. One more book at hand…

Rating: 4

8 Responses to “Jeff Lindsay – Dearly Devoted Dexter”

  1. 1 Pam

    Oh the guilt of Dexter over Doakes!

  2. Wow! You’re whizzing through these. It sounds as though the TV series diverges at this point. I don’t recall a Dr Dismember; and I’m not sure that I’d want to read about him! Are there three books in total, or are there even more lurking out there?

  3. @Pam : lol, sorry! I had a classic, “open mouth, insert foot” moment there. Sorry! Of course we can. :) Hardly hip and happening, but, you know… we do what we can! Appreciate you commenting a lot more now – thanks :)

    @Sarah : These are incredible – they really are. Addictively so – it’s not the most “literary” reading I’ve done this year, but I’ve really enjoyed these! I was extremely curious to see Dr. Dismember’s artwork in the series. Guess it’s not meant to be. There’s a fourth as well: Dexter By Design, but, I don’t have that at hand yet. So, for the time being, I’ve gone back to a non-Dexter world.

  4. 7 Pam

    Anytime ‘Cookie’ (you’re officially my favorite book blog!)

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