Jeff Lindsay – Dexter In The Dark


Dexter In The Dark is the third book in Lindsay’s gripping series, and this one has probably been my favourite so far, which is saying a lot, since I’ve lapped these books up faster than a starving cat laps up a bowl of milk.

Dexter (of the “Deadly Dimples”) finds himself engaged to Rita, accidentally, and he has a wedding to plan. However, that’s not what’s on Dexter’s mind. The inner Dark Passenger seems to have absconded, and Dexter is unable to find him, or determine why he’s departed. If something’s scared it off, it must be serious….

A series of heinous murders take place at the University, and Deborah, Dexter’s sister, is the lead detective on the case. As usual, she relies on Dexter’s unequivocal help, but due to the missing Passenger, Dexter is lost, lonely, and seems to be “in the dark”, whereas earlier he found it easy enough to identify something unique about the crimes – a clue, a lead, just… something. The victims have their heads chopped off, and replaced with a bull’s, and their bodies are baked crisp. Is it a cult crime? Something darker? Something more sinister?

For me, what made this book stand out, compared to its predecessors is Dexter, and him actually showing emotions: from snapping at Deborah, to acting as mentors to Rita’s two kids, from showing his fears and vulnerabilities, to acting on impulse and pragmatism. And, the story itself goes back a few thousand years, to Solomon’s time, and it brings to light a darker force, that has successfully scared off Dexter’s inner companion, the ‘thing’ he fondly refers to as the Dark Passenger – but, what really is the Dark Passenger?

Rating: 4.5

10 Responses to “Jeff Lindsay – Dexter In The Dark”

  1. Clearly the tv series and books parted company at some point. Which is great; it’s like getting twice as much Dexter! I so have to read these. I’m due a literary “guilty pleasure!” (Although I suspect that most of the guilt is going to be on account of being secretly charmed by a self-declared serial killer!)

    Another excellent example of reviewing without giving too much away. :)

    • I might just have to order the boxset of the first two seasons, just to get twice as much Dexter as well. Yeah, it’s out and out “guilty pleasure” reading, and Dexter is incredibly charming: Dexter of the Deadly Dimples, as he refers to himself….

      These reviews are the toughest to write… never know how much is too much!

  2. I really really really want to read these books. Jeff Lindsay did an author tour here last month. But I love the TV series, would reading the books ruin that for me?

    • Not at all – as Sarah & Pam have pointed out, the books and TV series departed at some point. Imagine – you get more Dexter, and in two totally different worlds (TV & books). What could possibly be better?

      The books aren’t the greatest literary creation, but, they are strangely addictive.

      • Ahhhh next time I’ll pay more attention to previous comments :P thanks!

        my friend actually got to interview him on radio. *jealous*

  3. 6 Pam

    Definite departure from my Dexter DVD marathon – I might just have to read the books! *gasp*

    • Yay! I’d love to hear your thoughts on them. I think you need to remove the “might just” from the above sentence, to make it “I have to read the books”. Go on… you know you want to ;)

  4. 8 Jacqui

    I am looking forward to reading these – great reviews

  5. @Elena : Wow! I’m jealous. Is there a linky to the interview? I’d be quite curious to read it.

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