Fictional Characters I’d Love To Meet


I’ve just gone to hell, and back. Sheer exhaustion ensured I woke up after mid-day today, and then a kind-of lethargy took over, which led me to not want to get out of bed – at all. I finally did, though – one has to eat, and all that – and, then I watched the footy. I did switch off for most of it, so I’m quite surprised that both the goals registered. And then, I was ready to hit the sack again.

Finally, I logged on, and much to my dismay, I had over 200 unread items in my google reader. I have skimmed almost all of them now, but I apologise for not commenting as much as I would have otherwise – not had much time during the week, and perusing 200 odd items in one go is quite a mammoth task. To my credit, I did resist the urge to do a “Mark All As Read”.

I’ve read two short stories (from Angela Carter’s Fireworks) and thirty pages of The Joy Luck Club, since I finished Dexter In The Dark. I’m already about 140 pages behind on the #gravrain read-along, but hopefully, that will change tomorrow. And, to add to it, I don’t know where my glasses are. Good thing I’m not totally blind without them.

So, the point is, I normally like blogging on weekends, but, as I don’t have a review to write, I figured it would be a good time to focus on those fictional characters I’d love to meet. I mean, I’m sure all of us have found an intriguing character in a book, and casually said, “boy, I’d love to have lunch with him/her”. Heck, I’ve been head over heels in love with a fictional character as well, so…*

Based on the contents of my blog in the past week or so, the first one isn’t really a surprise: Dexter. He’s charming, intelligent, witty, funny, and a serial killer with a conscience. I’m sure a lot of you who have watched the show will agree with me on this one… it’s almost hard not to like him, and not to be totally fascinated by him. Intelligence and humour are two important ingredients when you’re having a meal with someone, for, otherwise, things get really dull and, for lack of better words, blah! Dexter, sure as hell, fits the bill.

For those folks who regularly read my blog, the second character shouldn’t come as much of a surprise either: Holden Caulfield, from Catcher In The Rye. Holden is one of those characters: you either love him, or hate him… you don’t “nothing” him. I fall in the former category, for two reasons: I find his attitude towards his younger sister, and kids in general endearing. The scene where he sees profanities scratched on the bathrooms of the school is one of my favourite scenes from a book, as is the part where the title of the book is explained. However, what would make him a great dinner date is the constant digression, and his tone of talking. He’s extremely opinionated, and a bit of a hypocrite, which I admit is annoying. Nonetheless, with detours and the tinge of self-deprecation and idealism, it keeps it real.

Speaking of idealism, I’d have to bring up Howard Roark, from Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead. Roark’s a genius, a non-conformist, and an idealist, who adheres to his principles, no matter what. In fact, I’ve tried modelling myself on him, as much as possible, just because, to me he was “perfect”… you know, the kind of person you look up to, and want to be like. I read The Fountainhead for the first time, when I was very very impressionable. I actually believe in the virtue of selfishness now, and while I’m sure my boss hates me for it, I’d like to think he appreciates it at some level as well. And, you know… it’s always nice to meet your mentor, and have a heart to heart with him… who knows what pointers you might pick up!

So now, am leaving the question open to you: Are there any fictional characters you’d love to meet? Or, have dinner with?

*In case you hadn’t guessed, Howard Roark was my first love….

4 Responses to “Fictional Characters I’d Love To Meet”

  1. I’d love to have dinner with Willy Wonka! I’d hope he’d be able to tell me all about making his chocolate factory and the secrets behind his amazing sweets!

    Sorry for not picking something more profound – I like lighter dinner conversation!

    • lol, I did contemplate adding Roald Dahl for “Boy” as well as Bill Bryson, but decided not to as they’re authors, not fictional characters. :(

      Willy Wonka would be cool – specially if you got an invite to the factory, and got served by the oompa loompas (even if not served, a song and dance would be nice).

  2. Eugh! Holden Caulfield?! I don’t think I need to say which camp I fall into.

    Completely with you on Dexter, but my hero would be John Ames in Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead. To the point of getting stressed when I read reviews pointing out his faults :( But I don’t think it would make for a great meal time conversation; I would be too much in awe.

    On the other side of the coin I would also like to meet Emma Bovary; drop a few hints, and generally sort her out! (Yeah, from my great reservoir of wisdom.)

    I am going to have to read The Fountainhead. But when?!

    • lol, awww, come on! Holden Caulfield is very loveable.

      On the other hand, I couldn’t finish Gilead! It was just one of those books… although, after reading your comment, I wonder if I should re-try it?

      Fountainhead’s the only book I read (stayed up the whole night, on a school night, back when I was 14), and then started again from scratch. I absolutely loved it. I don’t know, but I think it’s a book worth making time for. I admire Roark so much, that it’s not even funny.

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