I’ve been AWOL all week, as I was in sunny Morocco! A wonderful break from the cold misery that London’s been, although being in Marrakech did come with its downsides. Apparently, I’m allergic to the sun and the dust, and Marrakech is, by far, the most polluted city I’ve ever visited. I even had trouble breathing at times!!! Maybe, I’m just delicate…

Anyway, we stayed at a fantastic riad, which provided us with a scrumptious breakfast, and despite being in some dark decrepit alleyway, it was really amazing. The guys who ran it are French, and they were superb, and we ended up getting lots of advice from them. I even got to practice my French (Bonjour Monsieur, parlez-vous anglais? and je ne comprends pas covers it!).

Marrakech isn’t a pretty city, but what it doesn’t have in beauty, it makes up for in character. The main square and the souks are bustling with people, and everyone’s trying to drag you into their store/stall. You practically had to bargain for everything, which was slightly tiresome, as I’m a “fixed price” kind-of girl. However, when they ask for 280 dirhams for something, and eventually sell you the item for 80, you have to wonder…

Also, Sex and the City 2 was being shot in Morocco while we were there too – about five minutes away from where we were staying. It’s funny, as, last time we were in New York, we saw some scenes being filmed in Central Park as well, for the first movie. So, the three of us have been contemplating our next holiday location, just to see if we’ll run into the Sex and the City crew again… and, none of us are fans – just for the record!

Unfortunately, while I did take two books with me, my eyes reacted to the dust and the sun, and for most of the holiday, my eyes were watering, and I couldn’t read. Like an idiot, I left my glares back home, and that did my eyes in. I was walking with my eyes closed while outside, and that wasn’t out of choice. Sucks, as my eyes are closed in more than half the pictures we took outdoors.

Oh well, I’m back in London now, and have enjoyed breathing the clean fresh air (!), being blown away by the wind, and experiencing tube trouble – all in a day’s work! It’s good to be home.

20 Responses to “Morocco!”

  1. Ooh lucky you! Bar the allergies :(. You have my sympathies; I’m not allergic to heat or dust (although I’m so pale that I have to cover up and wear a hat at all times) but I do also take severe allergic reactions to odd products.

    It must be bad when the air in London is considered fresh.

    • I tried a hat, which didn’t really help. *shudder* – it was a very colourful city, despite being very polluted, to be honest.

      I almost thought I was going nuts when I said that about London air………

  2. Welcome back. Maybe London isn’t so bad after all!

  3. Sounds exotic. I think I’ll visit London first.
    I don’t even want to imagine what another SITC movie will be about. I thought they pretty much covered it all.

    • I didn’t see the first movie… I have a feeling I didn’t miss that much!

      Morocco is pretty exotic, and London’s a great place to visit. I recommend both… although, be wary of Morocco’s pollution!

  4. I imagine negotiating prices would not be my favorite aspect either.

  5. That sounds like a wonderful break. At least things are getting Christmassy back here in England which is always cheering.

  6. I wondered where you’d gone! Welcome back!

    I’ve never been to Morocco, but I would love to go. I love the bargaining aspect of shopping in those countries. I’d hate to have to do it everytime I went shopping, but on holiday I do enjoy competing with my friends to get the best deals!

    • Thank you!

      Haha, there were three of us who had gone, and one of my friends got the best deals. She bought a tea set, with the pot, tray and glasses. The initial price quoted to her was about 900 dirhums. She got everything for about 300!

  7. Lately my partner has been talking a lot about going to Morocco so it was interesting to hear about some of your experiences. I am a fan of Sex in the City so I can’t wait to see them in Morocco.

    • Thank you for commenting on my blog for the first time.

      Oh cool, hope you guys have fun. They’re supposed to be shooting there for six weeks, so… hopefully you’ll see them ’round!

  8. At least you chose an exotic location in which to be reading deprived. Should think that would be a very affective consolation! It all sounds very adventurous. Glad you had a good time (apart from the allergies.) Welcome back!

  9. Wow Morocco sounds awesome (except for dust). I had no idea there was going to be a Sex and the City 2, I was pretty ok with the way things ended last time.

  10. Oh, lucky you! I’ve always wanted to go to Morocco and I’m still hankering for it. I laughed when I read you were glad to be breathing in the fresh London air again. :-)

    • Oh, you should go! Plan your trip better than we planned ours though… we only looked at the things we’d like to do on the flight there.

      Fresh London air sounds oxymoronic, doesn’t it?

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