My Favourite Reads From The Past Year


So, we’re standing at the threshold of 2010, and it’s that time of the year… Reflections, introspections, retrospections, that kind of thing. I’m feeling pretty annoyed with myself as I haven’t done the hundred books I wanted to, this year, but, I have read some phenomenal books, and I thought I’d just list my favourite reads from the year gone by, which I highly recommend to everyone.  They might not be books that will change your life, but, they will leave you with some food for thought – and, you might reach for the books every once in a while, just to re-read parts of the book that stand out immensely.

I attempted doing a top ten list, but, there were about twenty-five names on that list, so I trimmed it, and pruned it, but, it was almost impossible to get it down to ten. Also, if they’re all great books, should I really have to choose ten over the others? I think not…

So here they are, listed alphabetically, by author. There are twenty books listed below. Maybe after seeing some of them, you’ll understand my dilemma.

  1. Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi – Half Of A Yellow Sun
  2. Burgess, Anthony – A Clockwork Orange
  3. Carter, Angela – The Magic Toyshop
  4. Christopher, John – The Death Of Grass
  5. Du Maurier, Daphne – My Cousin Rachel (Well, I loved Rebecca as well, but My Cousin Rachel edged it marginally)
  6. Fitzgerald, F. Scott – The Great Gatsby
  7. Goldman, William – The Princess Bride
  8. Harvey, Samantha – The Wilderness
  9. Huxley, Aldous – Brave New World
  10. Jones, Lloyd – Mr. Pip
  11. Marquez, Gabriel Garcia – News of a Kidnapping
  12. Mawer, Simon – Glass Room, The
  13. Mitchell, David – Number9Dream
  14. Murakami, Haruki – Norwegian Wood
  15. Roth, Philip – The Plot Against America
  16. Rushdie, Salman – Midnight’s Children
  17. Saint-Exupery, Antoine de – The Little Prince
  18. Smith, Dodie – I Capture The Castle
  19. Waters, Sarah – Fingersmith
  20. Zafon, Carlos Ruiz – The Shadow Of The Wind

Okay, so that’s twenty! But, just trust me – the above twenty are great books which should definitely be read, for different reasons.

I’ve had an amazing reading year, and I look back fondly on almost all the books I’ve read*. Here’s hoping 2010 is similar… as I sit and make my reading lists for the new year. Look out for that post (plus, three pending book reviews…)!

*There are exceptions, but in time, those will be deleted from the memory, with no backups whatsoever!

21 Responses to “My Favourite Reads From The Past Year”

  1. Yay! that Murakami is on your list (though I’ve yet to read Norwegian Wood) Midnight’s Children and Fingersmith are both waiting for me on my to-read-soon-in-2010 shelf.

    Great titles here. =)

    • Hope you enjoy all three of them. Norwegian Wood was my first Murakami, but it definitely isn’t my last! Fingersmith is a page-turner, and the plot twists are incredible.

  2. Great list. I loved the Zafon- LOVED. and Brave New World is a book I really really respect. Some of these are in my TBR pile and some are someday-reads. Congrats on such a great year in books!

  3. I love these retrospective lists because I get to add more books to my TBR! I really enjoyed My Cousin Rachel and several others on your list but many more are on my unread list so I will need to rectify that in 2010!

  4. The ones that I know I agree with whole-heartedly, so I bet the rest are excellent too! I think I may have a couple of those titles lurking about, unread… Roll on 2010!

  5. You had some of my favorite books on there – Great Gatsby, Brave New World, The Plot Against America. Wonderful reading!

  6. I love your list! Almost all of the ones I’ve read would make my list. I’m especially pleased to see Wilderness on your list and hope I can get hold of a copy of The Death of Grass next year.

  7. There’s some great books there. I picked The Little Prince as well. Such a gorgeous, philosophical read. I love Angela Carter. I’ve never heard of that Marqeuz title before. Happy new year and bright, happy, reading days in 2010! :-)

    • Think News Of A Kidnapping is the only Marquez that’s non-fiction. It’s worth a read, as it talks about the day and age of Escobar.

      Little Prince was fantastic. I’ve only read two Angela Carters but hoping to change that next year.

      Happy New Reading Year – may many fantastic books be read! :)

  8. Clockwork Orange = YES! Such a creepy read.

  9. 17 Paperback Reader

    Some quality books! You’ve listed a few of my all-time favourites.
    I’m very excited to read My Cousin Rachel now that you have rated it above Rebecca.

    • I loved the ending of My Cousin Rachel – think that’s what made the book for me. I hope I haven’t built up the book too much, and that you enjoy it tremendously.

  10. That’s a great list. I forgot to do my usual comprehensive check for new 2009 roundups as I do for my “Favorite Lit-Blog Things” before posting my final 2009 summary. But, I am happy to see we shared number9dream. I have much respect for David Mitchell and am looking forward to Cloud Atlas in 2010. We also both read A Brave New World, but I could not include it in my top, not for any fault of its own, but because I read so many other equally great books that spoke to me more personally.

    For those on your list that I have read in other years, I loved A Clockwork Orange, but not Alex. I despised Alex, in fact (sorry). But the book is an incredible achievement. It almost goes without saying that The Great Gatsby is one of my all-time favorites.

    I keep wanting to get to Midnight’s Children, particularly given its connections with The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov which I loved, and Angela Carter.

    Seeing Mr. Pip reminds me that should go on the TBR because Great Expectations is a personal favorite and you are not the first to highly recommend it. Also, given my enjoyment of Things Fall Apart, I am thinking Half of a Yellow Sun might be another good African novel, a continent from which I have read far too little (which goes for most continents, but especially Africa).

    Anyway, great list. I also haven’t yet had time to read your 2010 reviews, but they already include favorites or personal “must reads”. Happy New Year and may 2010 be your best year of reading yet!

    • I’m reading Cloud Atlas this year as well – hopefully, this month. Am really looking forward to it – people say it’s better than number9dream, so…

      Alex is fairly despicable, for the most part. However, I had a great deal of sympathy for him for the most part – probably unwarranted, but there you have it. Gatsby is incredible, and it’s gone on to my all-time favorites almost immediately.

      Oh! I’m hoping to read The Master and Margarita this year. Didn’t realize there were connections between that and Midnight’s Children. Looking forward to it a little bit more now! And, I adore Angela Carter.

      Mister Pip is really good – I love Jones’ style of writing, and the story is beautiful. I recommend it highly. I haven’t read Things Fall Apart, but Half Of A Yellow Sun is a very well-written thought-provoking read. Parts of it made me wince… the violence and pointlessness of war.

      Happy new year, and hope you have an incredible year as well – and enjoy all the “must reads”! :)

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