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With a single exception they were all white. And with five exceptions, all male. Doctors follows the Harvard Medical School’s Class of 1962 through the hell of medical school, fatigue of the internship and residency, and battles as doctors once they’ve chosen their speciality. Not only does it focus on the professional demands of medicine, […]

The Ha-Ha is Jennifer Dawson’s first novel, published in 1961. It follows the life of Josephine, a young woman with a mental illness, that often leaves her in hysterics, after she has been removed from Oxford and committed to a mental institution. As we sat there I could even see the even-toed ungulates marching through […]



While reading the news this morning, I read that Erich Segal had recently passed on. Now, I read the same, about JD Salinger. Frankly speaking, I’m shocked beyond belief. Yes, I know Salinger was 91, and Segal was over 70, but I’m finding it difficult to come to terms with this – both authors shaped […]

So, Sarah managed to convince me to join in the Roberto Bolaño 2666 readalong. I was a little sceptical at first, having just finished Cloud Atlas, and wanting to do some lighter reading. However, the temptation of reading 2666 along with a bunch of other people was too strong to resist. Plus, the readalong seems […]

It’s not often a book leaves me completely speechless. Wowed. Awestruck. Absolutely blown away. But then again, it’s not often that I come across a book like Michael Cunningham’s The Hours. Both, Claire and Rachel, recommended the book to me, saying I should read it once I finish Mrs. Dalloway. And then, I saw this […]

As some of you may already know, I was quite disillusioned with the top 20 books that defined the noughties, according to The Telegraph website. Yep, I know that was a list of books that defined the noughties, as opposed to being the best books of the decade, but, it still left a lot to […]

In January 2009, I was introduced to the wonderful world of David Mitchell by a friend, who lent me the surreal number9dream – a book I absolutely loved. She proceeded to lend me Cloud Atlas next, and it’s been sitting abandoned on my unread shelf for about a year now, as I’ve been reluctant to pick […]