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Happy New Year, everyone. Have a fantastic year ahead, where wishes come true, and disappointments are a thing of the past! Considering my year has started with me realising my beloved laptop (which has been the only constant in my life for the past three years) is on the verge of dying, I’m getting a little ambivalent about the new year already! Oh well… I won’t dwell on that.

Reading Goals

Of course, with a new year comes new challenges and new reading goals… well, for me, at least. Last year, I really wanted to complete hundred books, and I ended the year on eighty-seven (a couple of backdated reviews coming up). While I’m marginally disappointed by that, I figure I can rectify it this year, so wish me luck! I know, I know, it’s quality, not quantity. However, don’t worry – I’m not going to compromise on the quality of books I read to reach a grand total!

The other big thing for me this year is going to be a self-imposed book-buying ban ’til I’ve gotten the number of unread books on my shelf to a respectable ten. At the moment, I possess about thirty-eight books I haven’t read, and that’s way too many (I think, anyway). If I include the books borrowed from friends, the total goes up to forty-two. Ouch.


I’m not planning on joining a multitude of challenges this year, but will hopefully join a couple of “meaningful” challenges. Like last year, I’ll also be looking to do at least fifteen books written by authors who don’t belong to English-speaking countries.

Also, I’ve joined the The Complete Booker Challenge which I’m quite looking forward to, as the Booker Prize is my favourite book award. As per usual, I hope to read some more award-winning books as well, and if they’re as immense as some of the books I read in 2009, I’ll be ecstatic.

Finally, I’ll be trying to cross off more books from the 1001 Books To Read Before You Die list. Last year, I read a total of sixteen books from this list. Matching or exceeding that would be pretty amazing.

Reading Plans for January

So, that brings me to what I intend to read in the first month of the year… well, here goes:

I know it’s already been said, but, one can never say it enough : Happy New Year! And have a fantastic reading year ahead!

10 Responses to “Reading in 2010”

  1. 1 mee

    Happy new year! I plan to read Cloud Atlas and Terry Pratchett’s this year, so our books might overlap :)

  2. 3 historyofshe

    Good luck with your goals! I’m trying to read the 1001 list as well.

  3. Eighty-seven books is an immense number. (I think I came in at under sixty…) And sixteeen from the 1001 books to read before you die is hugely impressive. Well done you!

    Great challenges that you have lined up; I admit that I am tempted by the 1001 books, and the Booker, and elsewhere I’ve spotted a short story challenge and an Aussie author challenge… So much for steering clear of challenges! And of course your twelve countries challenge… is it officially fifteen now?!

    Sounds like some wonderful reading for 2010; Good luck!

    • Thank you – I was quite happy with the sixteen from the 1001 list, to be honest.

      lol @ steering clear of challenges. You don’t find them. They find you! Well, I think I did an easy twelve last year, so thought I’d make it a tad more challenging. To be honest, I don’t think fifteen should be too difficult either.

      Hope you have a wonderful reading year as well :)

  4. Cloud Atlas, The Fortress of Solitude, and Mrs. Dalloway are all on my 2010 list, so we should have notes to compare by the end of the year on at least a few reads. I like the goals and challenges and look forward to your posts!

    • Oh cool, I’ll be looking forward to comparing notes. Am sure we’ll have a fair few more overlaps as the year progresses.

      Here’s to a year of fantastic reading.

  5. I’m curious to see what you make of Cloud Atlas, I list it as one of my favorite books, I think David MItchell is brilliant and that’s some of his best work.

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