February Reading Plans


I’ve disappeared into the oblivion again, but, in my defence, work’s caught up with me and my exhaustion levels have hit new highs. This is just a quick post, about my February reading plans. I still have my weekly 2666 post to do, and another review coming up, but, let’s put that on hold for now.

So, February! I’m a sucker for alliterations, so here’s to what I call Female February, i.e. a month of reading female authors only. I’ve not done that in ages. Plus, as March starts with the letter, “M,” it makes good sense. Well, to me anyway. And sometimes, themed reading is a good thing!!

  1. Toni Morrison – Song of Solomon : My first experience with Toni Morrison didn’t go too well, but Claire mentioned that she’s reading it this month, and asked me to join in. So, I’m giving her another shot, last week of the month.
  2. Nancy Huston – Fault Lines : This book was shortlisted for the Orange Prize in 2008, and I picked it up randomly sometime last year… just never got ’round to reading it. Now is as good a time as any, I guess.
  3. Alice Munro – Runaway : Again, I picked this up last year, and it just completely slipped my radar. Saw it on the Waterstone’s Books of the Decade, and figured it’s time I read it.
  4. Maya Angelou – I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings : This has been on my TBR forever! Am really really looking forward to this one.
  5. Sarah Waters – Night Watch : I’ve really enjoyed both the Sarah Waters I read last year, and intend to read all the books by her. Three more to go… reckon I can do it this year.
  6. Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice : I’ve never read a Jane Austen novel! I might be the only one in the blogosphere who hasn’t… Mee is hosting a readalong for Pride and Prejudice first timers. I fit the bill, so I joined in!

That’s my February plan as of now. How ’bout yours?

42 Responses to “February Reading Plans”

  1. Ooh, I hope you enjoy Pride & Prejudice! I just read it for the first time last year and liked it lots and lots :)

    Female February is a fun idea. Good luck with your reading goals!

  2. Definitely go with the Jane Austen and Alice Munro. Nothing against the others, but they should come first.

  3. Song of Solomon for the last week of February it is then! =)

    So glad you’re going to read The Night Watch this month. I’m now excited and worried at the same time..

    Will be looking forward to reading your thoughts on Maya Angelou’s book. I’ve wanted to read that one for ages too, but somehow it just misses me everytime I’m at the library. I picked up an other book of hers though, and was also planning to read it this month as well. Would be interesting to compare notes.

    • Cool, glad you’re joining in :)

      I’m half way through The Night Watch, and enjoying it so far. Wasn’t quite convinced by the first 100 pages, but getting into it a little more now…

  4. 7 kiss a cloud

    Happy Song of Solomon reading! It’s my fave Morrison, so brilliant. And happy Pride & Prejudice too. :)

    INcidentally, I read only books by women last month (unconsciously).

    • Cool, I really hope I get on with it better than I did with A Mercy.

      I think ’til last year, I didn’t read that many women authors. It seems to have changed now…

  5. 9 kiss a cloud

    P.S. Forgot to answer your question. My readings this month will consist of 3 by Richard Yates, 2 by Virginia Woolf, and Moby-Dick. I like to read by theme, too. :)

    • Sounds good – I’m still to read a Yates. Have Revolutionary Road on my shelf at the moment, and really looking forward to reading it, as I’ve heard some wonderful things about it.

      I’ll be keeping my eyes on the Woolfs, as I can’t figure out which one to pick for my second encounter with her.

  6. What an excellent reading list! Toni Morrison’s birthday is this month so that’s another reason to read her now. And in the US we celebrate African-American History in February; both Morrison and Angelou are great choices for that as well. And I do hope you enjoy Austen. P&P was the first one I read, too, but my favorite is Persuasion.

    • I didn’t know Morrison’s birthday was this month. Didn’t know you celebrate African-American History month in February either. I like coincidences like that!!

      I really hope I enjoy the Austen too. I have my fingers crossed…

  7. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is amazing. I read it in college and had a hard time putting it down.

  8. Yay for P&P! :) From your list I’ve been meaning to read I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, just haven’t got around it. I’m a slow reader so I’ll probably pour all my time and energy into just P&P this month!

  9. What an excellent selection! I’d love to read more Alice Munro.

    My plans are to finish my Richard Yates season – I have to finish Revolutionary Road, then I’ll be reading his biography by Blake Bailey. I also want to read Breathing Lessons by Anne Tyler but we’ll see how long the bio takes me – it’s a real doorstop! My February, therefore, is turning out to have a distinctly 20th century American theme.

    • I’ve not read any Alice Munro.

      Nor have I read any Richard Yates. I’ve seen a few reviews at your blog, which makes me feel compelled to read one soon though, and I’ll probably start with Revolutionary Road.

      Themes are nice! Will be keeping an eye out for your thoughts on the Anne Tyler. Not that intrigued by the biography, as I’ve not read anything by the author. Maybe time will change that.

  10. What a good plan! Enjoy.

  11. Great choices and I love that they are all female. I hope you love them all; Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourites and Sarah Waters is a favourite writer, although The Night Watch isn’t my favourite of her books but it has a great structure.

    I received a beautiful hardback copy of Maya Angelou’s Letters to my Daughter this week that I am looking forward to reading. I’ll be very interested in your thoughts on I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings (which I’ve been meaning to read forever) and Fault Lines.

    As for my own reading, I am trying not to plan it out other than Song for Solomon.

    • I’ve a couple of hundred pages in to The Night Watch, and while I found the first 100-odd pages difficult to get into, I’m finding the second part (1944) a lot more interesting and gripping (and horrific).

      Weird how many people have been meaning to read I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings for a long time. It’s one I’ve only heard good things about, so I’m quite pleased to finally be getting to it. Letters to my Daughter sounds fantastic as well, so, looking forward to your thoughts on it.

  12. 23 farmlanebooks

    I’ve been wanting to read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings for ages too! I have a copy here, but for some reason I keep ignoring it. Perhaps it is time I opened it up too!

  13. Female February is a really good idea! I hope you have better luck with Morisson this time round, haven’t read ‘Song of Solomon’ but many people love it. Also Nightwatch sounds lovely, hope you enjoy it.

  14. Wow, six books in a month. February, the shortest month… I hope they are also short books!

    I haven’t got a particular reading plan in mind and so wait to be inspired by your reviews of your forthcoming reads!

    • Well, I don’t think I’ll finish all six (considering i’ve not finished the first yet), but a girl can dream and set high goals for herself, right?

      Hope I’ll be able to comply.

  15. I’m looking forward to reading your response to Pride & Prejudice! And may I recommend Emma once you finish with this impressive Feb reading list?

    Your post reminds me that my female author reading is woefully low. I seem to just not be attracted to them for some reason. But some of the authors you’ve mentioend here are women who I should probably get around to reading soon…

    • Yep, definitely. Although, Mansfield Park might be ahead in the pecking order, as I do have a copy here…

      I didn’t read many female authors for the longest time. Over the past couple of years, that’s changed….

  16. Wow! What a fantastic list! I want to read the Angelou too, and have yet to read a first Alice Munro. I hope you enjoy Toni Morrison this time, and then you must read Beloved :)

    I have never thought of doing a month’s themed reading. It’s a great idea…


    • Thanks – hopefully, I’ll enjoy Song of Solomon and will be open to trying more Morrisons after that.

      I’m looking forward to my first Munro, and have high hopes. Let’s see how this ends…

  17. Excellent theme Cookie! Although Persepolis’s Marjane Satrapi could have been snuck in too… :) I think you can’t comment on Flickr as you’re not a member (oh so elitist!) But thank you for the kind words.

    • Thanks Pam – I know it could have, and it’s very high on my list… In fact, was looking for a copy t’other day, and didn’t find it at the store. Will get to it soon.

      Ahh! I have a flickr account – if only I could remember the email/password I used on it….

  18. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and Pride & Prejudice are both wonderful!

    • I’ve just finished 50 pages of I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings and think it’s absolutely wonderful so far.

      Going to read Pride & Prejudice later on in the month, so let’s see how i get on with it…

  19. Pride and Prejudice is the only Jane Austen I’ve read. I was hoping to get Northanger Abbey under my belt before PBS shows it a week from Sunday, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. May you have better luck!

  20. My big plan for February is coming out from under the stupor I’ve been in for the first week! After that, some LibraryThing books and a couple new releases should round it out.I love your plans and I hope you enjoy Pride and Prejudice, as well as your other reads! :-)

  21. I like the February Female alliteration! Great titles you have there. Good luck with Toni Morrison. I’ve only read two of her works. My favourite is Beloved. I find that since Morrison tends to write dialogue as they are spoken, it helps if you read it out loud. That was how my lit teacher in high school helped me although she did have the most lovely reading voice which helped. I’ve been meaning to read Sarah Waters for a long time now. Time to cracking, methinks!

    • Thanks! I liked it myself. It was a toss-up between Fantasy February and Female February. Opted for the latter, as March was the following month.

      Thanks for the tip on Morrison. I might try that with Song of Solomon… if only I could rope someone into reading it out to me……. your lit teacher in school sounds pretty cool. I doubt my Eng Lit teacher even read in her free time.

      As for Sarah Waters – strongly recommend her. I loved Fingersmith to bits, but sometimes wish it wasn’t the first Waters I read. I didn’t enjoy the other two I’ve read (Little Stranger and Night Watch) that much.

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