What Kind Of A Week Has It Been


Yep, the title’s a blatant rip-off of West Wing’s What Kind Of A Day Has It Been, but, it does fit. For what it’s worth, due apologies to Sorkin.

Some of you may have read my post on my MacBook’s broken fan, at the beginning of the month. Well, despite much wishing and hoping, Apple haven’t released anything this month, so, I strutted across to the Apple Store yesterday, and bought myself a new laptop. I was exhausted of using my laptop as a word processor only, when I’m accustomed to using it as my media centre. So, a shiny new 13″ MacBook Pro is finally mine, and I’m well happy about it. Love it already. Spent most of yesterday and this morning transferring my files across, and sync’ing up both laptops. Mission accomplished.

I also finished Toni Morrison’s Song Of Solomon which I was reading along with Claire (PaperbackReader). All I’ll say at this point is, the experience was the polar opposite of A Mercy.

Finally, I’m reading Pride and Prejudice, which is incidentally my first Austen. Am loving it so far, and while I would have loved to finish it in February itself, I don’t see it happening. So far, I’m really enjoying it, and hope the book continues in this vein. I do love the style of writing! Mee had invited a bunch of Austen first-timers to read this in February, so, in the next week or so, pop around to hers to see how everyone else got on!

It’s been a fantastic Female February, and at the end of the month, I have a “new best friend” (that’s what the guy at the Apple Store said) as well, so, in the words of a famous playwright, “all’s well that ends well.”

Phew! Irony of ironies… it’s been a long month!

25 Responses to “What Kind Of A Week Has It Been”

  1. Phew indeed! Welcome back, and well done for Female February. Really looking forward to your Toni Morrison review. Sounds promising…

  2. Congratulations on the new baby! It is identical to the one my boyfriend picked up last weekend. My MacBook is my best friend definitely and I can’t bear to be apart from her.

    As you know (from my bookshelves), I too am a fan of The West Wing so appreciate the blatant rip-off ;).

    A “polar opposite” experience sounds promising … I look forward to our co-review.

    Pride & Prejudice is one of my favourite books of all-time (cliched I know, but it is the favourite of many for valid reasons). Have you seen the 1995 BBC adaptation? If not, then you really must.

    An all female February was an inspired idea and something I will attempt myself some other month this year.

    • I know what you mean about your MacBook being your best friend. I was gutted when I realised I had to swap mine in, considering I’d used it every single day for over three years – took it on all my travels as well.

      Looking forward to the co-review myself.

      I haven’t seen the adaptation. As of now, I just really want to slap the mother!!

  3. Sounds like Song of Solomon was a good read for you! I wish I had finished the book last week, but somehow, I got to chapter 2 and am still stuck there right now. Maybe your co-review with Claire will prompt me to pick it up again soon.

  4. 7 Becky

    Can’t wait to read your review of Song of Solomon. I also hope that enjoy Pride and Prejudice. I have a bit of a crush on mr Darcy :-)

  5. Welcome to the world of Austen. After I discovered Pride and Prejudice, I gulped down all the other Austen novels. Like popcorn, I just couldn’t stop.

  6. 11 mee

    Wow a new laptop would be awesome! ;)

    I actually have finished P&P and will post my thoughts some time this week! It was very slow at the beginning but it got better after 100 pages or so for me (out of 345 pp). How far have you got?

    • thank you – love it.

      I’m about half-way through. Just over page 170 in a 388 page edition. Planned to read it Saturday, but ended up working for four hours, and then buying a new laptop, and then setting it up. Feel really guilty. Sorry mee.

  7. Good luck, and a smoother welcome back. :) And that’s a pretty pretty new MacBook.

  8. 15 farmlanebooks

    I haven’t even managed to start Pride and Prejudice in Feb, so you are doing better than me!

  9. 17 Pam

    Yay for your new Mac Cookie! I remember when mine shone like that…now it’s banged and bruised and has crumbs in inappropriate places…

    • Thank you! Hopefully, it’ll last me years to come. The problem with the new ones are … they scratch. I had the plastic white MacBook earlier, and it still looks new – despite a broken fan!

  10. I’m relieved to hear there are other Austen first-timers in the blogging community :P I read her for the first time only a year and a half ago, and at the time felt that I was the only person who hadn’t grown up with her. I can’t wait to hear what you think of P&P (which was also my first, but is shockingly my least favourite to date.)

    • I know!! I thought I was the only Austen first-timer. Blogosphere is great for solidarity!! I am enjoying Pride and Prejudice so far, so, am looking forward to more Austens.

      So, which is your favorite Austen?

  11. I’m dying of envy right now because I want a MacBook Pro so much it hurts. It’s totally out of my budget & when I joke about my iBook having an “accident” my husband gives me the stink eye, LOL.

    • My MacBook was acting as a word processor. I don’t use a TV, so my laptop’s pretty much an entertainment centre – dvd player, music player, surfing the ‘net and graphics designing. I couldn’t do any of the above, so, had to indulge myself. Can’t say I have any complaints though…. :)

      I loved the iBook back in the day! G4?

  12. May you find some solace in that sweet bear; am I correct in thinking he’s a Steiff? He’s cute enough to comfort me, and I didn’t even have a broken computer!

    • I love the bear :) Not sure about it being a Steiff – Mum asked me to get a perfume for someone. Went to the store, saw that this bear was free with a perfume, and figured Mum gets her perfume, I get the bear and everyone’s happy! Smartest decision ever :)

  1. 1 Bookie Mee | Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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