Monday Meanderings


I’ve had a slow reading week! Still got hundred odd pages of Middlesex to finish – yes, I know I’ve been reading it forever, but, I’ve been busy, and driving up to Manchester midweek for the game didn’t really help! Not that I’m complaining… what a cracking game that was!

Anyway, I had an amazing present waiting for me when I got home from Manchester from Claire @ Paperback Reader: Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber. It’s a collection of short stories I’ve wanted to read for some time, and I fully intend to lose myself in the anthology next month, as Claire hosts the Angela Carter Month. Thanks very much, Claire. Love it – cover and the lovely note that goes with it. :)

As per usual, the books on my shelf increase at a faster pace than I can knock them off. Over the past couple of weeks, a bunch have found themselves sitting pretty on my bookshelf, and I really need to do something about the exponential rate at which the books seem to be growing. I’m going to impose a book-buying ban on myself until I read at least another eighteen books. No temptation, no comfort-book buying, no nothing. Rap my knuckles and tell me off, please! Or, just confiscate my credit card. Luckily (!), I’m not a member of any library, so at least that’s not an added distraction. I’m clutching at straws now…

I am actually really excited about Tim, as I read The Thornbirds when I was a teenager, and absolutely loved it. Haven’t read a Colleen McCullough since, and I think that’s a shame.

Also, it’s been over a year and a half since I read anything by Ian McEwan, despite going through a phase where I read six of his books in a month, so I just couldn’t turn my back on The Child In Time.

Heliopolis was on the Booker Longlist last year, and at the time, it was a toss up between it and How To Paint A Dead Man for me. I figured Heliopolis would eventually fall off the radar, but I remembered the glowing reviews… I blame you guys!

Finally, there’s Suite Francaise, which a friend lent me, praising it immensely. It’s on the Waterstones Books Of The Decade as well, so, what are the odds of me going wrong with this one? Slim……

So, have you read any of the above? Comments?

And any new books find their way miraculously on your shelves recently? Do share… god knows, I could do with the solidarity!

14 Responses to “Monday Meanderings”

  1. Rap you on the knuckles? Would there be any point? I think you may be a hopeless case :)

    I can remember enjoying The Thornbirds (also as a teenager) so I hope you enjoy your Colleen McCullough. And I will be interested in the Ian McEWan, who I have only read in a desultory, nothing else to read, kind of way. (Though I always enjoy them.) Perhaps you can persuade me to put a bit more back into it!

    If it’s any consolation my TBR was deflating nicely but then my three pesky daughters each gave me a book for Mother’s Day. Damnit!

    (Who am I kidding? Yes, I chose the books myself. On my head be it!)

  2. Don’t worry, my TBR list is 40+ books long – I know how you feel. Sometimes I think to myself that I am crazy to buy any more books, then the other (more evil spendthrift half) tells me that it’s fine because I have forever to get around to reading them! Not too good for the wallet though.

    I can’t wait to read your review of Middlesex, it stands out to me as one of the best books I have ever read.

    Good luck with the Ian McEwan novel, I think he is the hardest author I ever try to read.

  3. I read Tim ages and ages ago, but remember liking it a lot. Suite Francaise was one of my favorites a few years ago…looks like a great pile of books!!

  4. 4 mee

    It took me 6 weeks to read Middlesex, so anything faster is fine I think ;). I so envy your Bloody Chamber, looks awesome. My libraries don’t stock Angela Carter’s books much at all! Annoying!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I have all my books catalogued in my computer in Excel. It makes it easier for me to keep track of exactly what I have and haven’t read (I own about 1200 books). Anything that is highlighted in blue I haven’t read! I was curious after reading your post to see how many are blue…turns out I own about 300 I haven’t read. EEK!

    But, the good news is I am limiting my book acquiring because we simply don’t have the room to store more books. It is really hard to stop, but I’m doing much better than I was!

    I love Ian McEwan, but I haven’t read the title you listed. Can’t wait to see your review!

  6. Have not read any of the above but want to: Heliopolis and Suite Francaise!

  7. I’ve got the same copy of The Bloody Chamber, which is the only Angela Carter I own at the moment. So I guess we’ll be reading the same book come next month. =)

    And I completely hear you with the exponential growth of TBR piles.Worse still, I buy books and tell myself that I’ll get to them after I finish my library books, which just never happens because whenever I visit the library to return the books I’ve read, I eye something on the shelves and end up bringing home more to read. It’s a vicious cycle.

    Blogs with stellar reviews of books that appeal to me only feed the growth. I’m grateful for the blogs really, such as yours, but they make me cringe sometimes, when I realise I won’t ever manage to finish all the books I really want to read.

  8. Middlesex is on my wishlist. As a fellow book lover, I know how it is with buying books:) It’s like an addiction, but a good one:)

  9. I’m so pleased that the book arrived safely :) Don’t you just love my Angela Carter notepaper?! I hope that you enjoy the short stories; some of them are exceptional (I would love the experience of reading my favourites for the first time).

    I think that I am one of the guilty parties that tempted you with Heliopolis … I thought it was a very cool original book with a quirky plot and food as an interesting metaphor throughout.

    Enjoy your loot!

  10. I loved hearing how Claire sent you a present. It’s so fun to go to the mailbox on those special days!

  11. Wait, let me get my ruler ready… There are tons and tons of new things that have arrived here, but most recently I picked up the new Jon McGregor novel, a big book of Lorrie Moore short stories and a Graham Greene novel. I was contemplating picking up Suite Francais soon (yes after all those other books queued in my head) so I’d love to know what you think.

  12. 12 winstonsdad

    some great books there ,was sat on train other week next to some on reading blood chamber

  13. 13 Nicole

    Great blog, just stumbled upon it this week. I’ve been meaning to read Middlesex after I read The Virgin Suicides at the beginning of this year, it shocks me that such a great writer only has two novels. I’m jealous that all of you have Library access, where I live there are no public libraries that have a great variety of books. I guess the College libraries, but those are more thematic and since I graduated I doubt I could take out any books (sigh).

    Looking forward to your review of Middlesex, march seems to be a slow month for reading it seems a lot of people have been struggling to keep up with their reading schedules for the past two weeks (present company included).

  14. I love McEwan and thought THE CHILD IN TIME was excellent. SUITE FRANCAISE was an interesting book for me, not my favorite but it has a lot of good qualities. The second part was better for me than the first- more polished. The whole thing is basically a rough draft if you read the introduction and accompanying materials; Nemirovsky’s story is what makes the book worthwhile. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. :-)

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