When Spring Began


I’ve been AWOL last few weeks, as I’ve been moving house, and working overtime! Not the best combination. The new place still doesn’t have internet, but, thank god for tethering. I apologise for disappearing into thin air, but hopefully, I’m back!

I’ve got two books still to review, from my reading in March, plus I just finished The Bloody Chamber so, lots to catch up on! March wasn’t a great reading month for me, so I’d ideally like to finish last month’s book stack this month. Not counting on it though, as I’ll be travelling for about ten days in ten days time (seriously!), and work’s just piling on as well.

Also, Claire’s hosting the Angela Carter month this month, so, I’d recommend stopping by there irrespective of whether you’re an Angela Carter newbie, or a fan. As already said, I’ve just finished The Bloody Chamber, and I’ll be penning down my thoughts on the book tonight.

I plan to read a couple of more Carters this month, with Shadow Dance and The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman being the most likely. I’m really looking forward to reading them, as well as seeing what everyone else is reading, and how they’re getting on with her works.

Finally, it would be almost rude to talk about moving home, and not sharing pics of my new work area and bookshelf. The bookshelf’s already overflowing, but I absolutely love it. And I adore my new workspace as well. It’s still missing my big screen, which is still at my old place, but I don’t have the guts to attempt getting it on the tube, so, going to have to find someone willing to make the trek and give me a hand.

Spent all day yesterday building my favourite part of the room, and I am pleased with the results, so here goes…

Moving house is annoying, but, when the end result looks like that, there’s some gratification. Don’t you think so?

Also, what do you have planned for April, when spring’s ’round the corner, and hopefully, we’ll be able to put away our overcoats for the next six months? Can’t wait!

25 Responses to “When Spring Began”

  1. Wow! Your set-up looks really nice. I feel a little inspired to work on my little corner.

  2. 3 bob

    I’ve read all of Angela Carter’s short stories and loved them! plus i’ve also tackled Nights at the Circus – which I liked and Wise Children – which I thought was perfect, it’s a vulgar burlesque romp of a novel.

    As for April reading im going to attempt INFINITE JEST in a week or so. * Deep Breath*

    • Wow! Best of luck with Infinite Jest. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how you get on. I’ve not done very well with super-duper chunksters (the likes of Gravity’s Rainbow and 2666) recently, so you have all my backing.

      I’ve read neither, Nights at the Circus nor Wise Children. It’s all part of the masterplan though.

  3. 5 Pam

    Alas, April means winter is on it’s way down here (brrrr!) Although it’s ‘winter’ compared to your WINTER. Congratulations on your new home Cookie – looks just lovely!

  4. Oh my goodness, I love your space. Nice IKEA special edition Billy – I had my eye on those before I moved to smaller digs! Happy new home!

    • Thanks Rachel.

      I do love the special edition Billy, although the friends who helped me put it all together did give me some very strange looks, despite me pointing out to them that there’s even Shakespearean quotes on it.

  5. Tidy and pretty. Well done with your moving.

  6. 12 Jess

    Bless, a bookshelf with glass doors – my secret lifelong dream. Love the neat & tidy desk area too, a productive workspace I’m sure; although, having it that close to the bookshelf could prove a distraction. :)

  7. I hope that you get setttled into your new house soon – moving is always so stressful. I look forward to your full return to the blogging world!

    • Thanks Jackie – as do I! I’ve been rotten with google reader as well, and the unread posts have crossed the dreaded four digit number. I’ll be working my way through them slowly, and hope all of you guys don’t think I’ve dropped off the face of the earth.

  8. I LOVE your new space! Of course, like you, my eyes were similarly drawn towards The West Wing boxset :D

    Thank you for the link! My April will be mostly tied up with Carter re-reading and reading for the very first time The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman, which I have been saving for several years. I look forward to your thoughts on the Bloody Chamber and your further reading this month.

    (Ha – my boyfriend was reading your post over my shoulder and pointed out The West Wing boxset too!)

    • The West Wing boxset is quite prominent, isn’t it? It just looks so happy there! :)

      Got my thoughts on The Bloody Chamber down finally – gave in and bought a dongle, as mobile tethering just wasn’t working out for me. Hopefully, that’ll help me catch up on my posts/google reader backlog….

      Looking forward to reading all your Carter posts!

  9. Your office space looks marvelous! I think moving is so very tedious, but there’s great reward in the reorganization!

  10. 20 Mae

    Your study looks great! So neat and clean and I love your bookcase. I’m hoping to get one soon with glass doors.

    It’s almost winter here and I’m looking forward to getting the boots and coats out again. Having said that, our winter’s are much more milder than the ones you have there.

    • Oh, I so look forward to seeing your new bookcase. I love looking at everyone’s bookcases (and mine, of course!).

      Looking forward to boots and coats? Seriously? I can’t wait to put them away, and not see them for a long long long time. Hurrah for the spring, and the coming of the summer.

  11. Angela Carter month? That sounds great – I love Angela Carter and think that there is nobody quite like her. My favourite is Wise Children and I recently read and reviewed several perceptions. Wonderful writer!

    i am enjoying discovering your blog

    Thanks for sharing


    • I recently read Several Perceptions as well. Must check out your review.

      Not read Wise Children yet, but fully intend to someday. I don’t want to rush all the Carters in one go, as I’ll feel miserable if I’ve got none to look forward to…

      Thanks for your first comment on my blog, and I hope it’s the first of many. :)

  12. Great, clean space! You obviously need more shelves haha! My reading plans for April: Proust and Perec and some poetry. But I might bail on the Proust due to time constraint. I hope to be reading Carter too!

  13. 25 Sarah

    Oh dear! I didn’t know you were AWOL. But all in a good cause. The bookshelves look fab!

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