Persephone Reading Week #2


Claire & Verity are hosting Persephone Reading Week#2 this week (yep, am a day late with my post). I missed out on this last year, but was quite looking forward to reading a couple of Persephone books this year. In fact, I’d even picked out a couple of books and kept it aside for this week.

I’m not going to commit to anything, but I do want to read both of them this week. If not both, definitely the one.

Look forward to all the Persephone-related posts in the blog’o’sphere, and adding some more books to my to-be-read collection.

Are you joining in in Persephone Reading Week#2? What are your reading plans?

16 Responses to “Persephone Reading Week #2”

  1. 1 Verity

    A very great profession is an absolute must read as it places all of the books into context!

    • I haven’t started it yet (*embarrassed*) but I will start it today, and overrun the Persephone Reading Week – which isn’t a bad thing…

  2. Caveat to Verity’s endorsement: it adds to one’s wishlist exponentially! I read A Very Great Profession early on in my Persephone reading (last January after receiving it as a Christmas gift) and I want to reread it already now I have some context from having read more of the books discussed.

    There is no such thing as a late Persephone Reading Week-related post (providing it’s during the week, of course)!

    • Going to start on it today, and am quite looking forward to it. The “thoughts” might be after the Reading Week’s over, but I’m going to quote your above post (barring the bit in brackets!)

  3. I too am reading Mariana for the Persephone Week – very much looking forward to hearing your views on it!

  4. 7 JoAnn

    I’m reading Doreen this week. If I finish early (which is doubtful), I noticed that Barnes & Noble had a copy of Mariana. Enjoy the books!

  5. 9 fleurfisher

    I have both of these on my shelves unread and so I shall be very curious to read your thoughts. I have just picked up Marjory Fleming by Oriel Malet and am completely absorbed.

  6. i’m not joining in but I will look forward to reading your reviews :-)

  7. 13 Mae

    I’m lusting after the Monica Dickens. I think me and two other bloggers are feeling insanely jealous over all the great Persephone posts springing up over the blogosphere. Libraries don’t stock Persephone nor do many, if any, bookstores. Thank god for Bookdepository but my wallet is feeling a little thin at the moment.

    • Sometimes, it’s good to be this side of the pond. The Monica Dickens was very enjoyable, and if you do find it on BookDepository, do pick it up.

      The problem with the Reading Week is, there’s about a million new books I’ve added to my wishlist! By the time I’m through with those, I’ll probably have to sell my wallet for some extra dough! (slight exaggeration)

  8. 15 Aarti

    I didn’t join Persephone Reading Week because my local library doesn’t have any Persephone books (nor do any of my local bookstores). Only later did I realize I could read a different edition of a book also published by Persephone but that seemed a bit sad to do, as it’s all about that particular publisher. Sigh. I suppose if I ever go to London again in the near future, I will just HAVE to buy a book there itself!

  1. 1 Monica Dickens – Mariana « another cookie crumbles

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