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Dexter In The Dark is the third book in Lindsay’s gripping series, and this one has probably been my favourite so far, which is saying a lot, since I’ve lapped these books up faster than a starving cat laps up a bowl of milk. Dexter (of the “Deadly Dimples”) finds himself engaged to Rita, accidentally, […]

I’m going through a bit of a Dexter phase at the moment. I blame it on the fact that these are borrowed books, and I hate hanging on to borrowed books for too long. Plus, these books are seriously addictive, and keep you hooked on for dear life. Dexter is charming, charismatic, and committed – […]

I’m guessing that most of you must have heard of Dexter (the TV show is really popular at the moment) – Blood spatter specialist by day, serial killer by night? But, he’s a serial killer with a conscience – you see, he only kills the people who deserve to die. The pedophiles, the rapists, the […]