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Don’t you love Terry Pratchett books? I do, despite never having read any in my teenage years, and Nation, a non-Discworld story, is no exception. Set in an alternate universe (or a parallel universe, if you like), this is the story of a young boy (Mau) whose homecoming has been ruined by a massive tidal wave, […]

Terry Pratchett’s Equal Rites is the third book of the Discworld series, and, it’s the first Discworld book that I have read. Equal Rites explores the world where women cannot be wizards, and men cannot be witches. However, when a dying wizard visits a blacksmith, things in the wizarding world are about to change. The […]

Background: This book was picked up as part of the Take A Chance Challenge – Random Word Selection. The word I picked out was ‘sky’, and I entered the word in Amazon. The second result I got was A Hat Full Of Sky, and it was an easy decision. I’ve never read a Terry Pratchett […]