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The amazing thing about Murakami’s books is, you never know what you’re going to get – when that bridge between reality and surrealism will get crossed, and, what avenues the surrealism will take. Past experiences with Murakami have also taught me that the story is not going to be like anything I’ve read before. Experience […]

Desperation leads one to do strange things; things one would not do under normal circumstances – things one would not even consider. This is the essence of one of the bleakest books I’ve read this year: Out. Natsuo Kirino’s bestseller follows four women working in a bento-box factory, who turn their lives upside down, as […]

I’ve seen a couple of blogs link to Belleza’s Japanese Literature Challenge 3, and despite the fact that I’m a little late, I reckon it would be fun to join in – specially as I already have two Japanese books lined up for the next couple of months. Also, after looking at the challenge’s button, […]