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Sarah Waters’ The Night Watch is the third novel I’ve read by her, and it’s as different as the previous two as it can be. While one was a gothic ghost story set in Warwickshire (The Little Stranger), the other was a Victorian thriller (Fingersmith). And then we have this: a book set (mostly in) […]

In January 2009, I was introduced to the wonderful world of David Mitchell by a friend, who lent me the surreal number9dream – a book I absolutely loved. She proceeded to lend me Cloud Atlas next, and it’s been sitting abandoned on my unread shelf for about a year now, as I’ve been reluctant to pick […]

The Complete Booker originated in 2007, to bring together book lovers and book bloggers interested in reading winners of The Man Booker Prize for Fiction. Next year, they’re hosting the Complete Booker in 2010 Challenge, with five levels of participation: Winners Circle:  read at least 6 winners Contender:  read at least 6 shortlisted nominees Longshot: read at […]