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While reading the news this morning, I read that Erich Segal had recently passed on. Now, I read the same, about JD Salinger. Frankly speaking, I’m shocked beyond belief. Yes, I know Salinger was 91, and Segal was over 70, but I’m finding it difficult to come to terms with this – both authors shaped […]

So, I’m taking ages with the Weekly Geeks’ Catching Up, and for that I apologize. The third book I’m going to tackle is also one of my favorites, and I’ve been reading it every year for god alone knows how long. I also have three copies of this book – one which stays at work, […]

There’s an article on BBC today (and some other newspapers) about a Swedish author publishing the sequel to one of my favorite novels of all times, Catcher In The Rye. I don’t know why, but I love the book, and I absolutely loved the hypocrite that was Holden Caulfield, I don’t understand how someone can’t love […]