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I’ve just gone to hell, and back. Sheer exhaustion ensured I woke up after mid-day today, and then a kind-of lethargy took over, which led me to not want to get out of bed – at all. I finally did, though – one has to eat, and all that – and, then I watched the […]

Enid Blyton defined most of my childhood reading. However, Roald Dahl was definitely my second favorite author. From the Fantastic Mr. Fox, to James and the Giant Peach. From The BFG to George’s Marvelous Medicine. And of course, the autobiographies: Boy, and Going Solo. So, my top three Roald Dahls… (this is actually easier than […]

I absolutely love Enid Blyton. I’ve practically grown up reading only her, and I actually feel like I’ve had a better childhood as a result of it. So, I set out to do the impossible: name my five favorite books by her. Nope – not series, books! As I’m writing this, I already have about […]