Books for the ‘Take A Chance’ Challenge


So, I finally switched my ‘lazy’ button off, and decided to shortlist the books for the Take A Chance challenge, which I’d blogged about earlier.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t run very long, and hence, the shortlist of books that I’ll be ‘taking a chance’ on. I’m quite looking forward to starting with this, soon – hopefully in a couple of days.

1. Random Book Selection : John Christopher – The Death of Grass

2. Random Word {Sky} : Terry Pratchett – A Hat Full Of Sky

3. Birth Year Book {1985} : Orsan Scott Card – Ender’s Game

4. Judge A Book By Its Cover : John Le Carre – A Murder Of Quality

5. Phoning An Author {Hill} : Susan Hill – The Beacon

6. Public Spying : Gabriel Garcia Marquez – News Of A Kidnapping

7. Random Bestseller {Year : 1999 | Birthday : May 6} : David Guterson – East of the Mountains

8. Lit Riff : Diminished – REM

9. Poetic Review : The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

10. Movie/Book Comparison : Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Has anyone read the above? Am I in for a pleasant ride, or an unpleasant one? Do you have any preferences for #8 (Lit Riff) and #10 (Movie/Book comparison)? I haven’t heard of four of the above books, and already have two of them, so… it should be an unpredictable blast and a half.

Thanks again, Jenners!

2 Responses to “Books for the ‘Take A Chance’ Challenge”

  1. 1 certainprinciples

    friend of mine read marley and me and really enjoyed the book…
    as for gabriel garcia, I read his book about a guy list at sea, it was good but in spanish so hard to read. finally go with hotel california, you already know everything about the floyds

    P.S. ender’s game is goooooood!

    • 2 uncertainprinciples

      Because I don’t know much about the Eagles or Hotel California?

      I just had a total change of heart, and decided on Riders On The Storm… I love the song, and it has all the elements to make a good story.

      Looking forward to reading Ender’s Game. It’s all about 1985! :D

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