The Complete Booker in 2010


The Complete Booker originated in 2007, to bring together book lovers and book bloggers interested in reading winners of The Man Booker Prize for Fiction. Next year, they’re hosting the Complete Booker in 2010 Challenge, with five levels of participation:

Winners Circle:  read at least 6 winners
Contender:  read at least 6 shortlisted nominees
Longshot: read at least 6 longlisted nominees
Booker Devotee: choose a year, and read all 6 shortlisted works from that year
Booker Fanatic: choose a year, and read all 13 long- and shortlisted works from that year

This challenge runs from January 1st to December 31st 2010.

As I want to read all the Booker winners, as well as the shortlists, signing up to this challenge just made good sense. While I’d love to complete all five levels, I’ll probably be going for the Winners Circle and the Contenders, which is twelve books.

Hopefully the challenge won’t be too challenging. Am looking forward to it already.

I don’t know which Contenders I’ll end up reading, but my shortlist for the Winners Circle, at this point, is:

  1. John Banville – The Sea {Winner : 2005}
  2. Peter Carey – The True History Of The Kelly Gang {Winner : 2001}
  3. James Kelman – How Late It Was, How Late {Winner : 1994}
  4. JM Coetzee – The Life and Times of Michael K {Winner : 1983}
  5. John Berger – G {Winner : 1972}
  6. PH Newby – Something To Answer For {Winner : 1969}

That’s one from each decade that the Booker has been running, plus another one from the 2000s.

Do you have any recommendations? Any must-reads on the shortlist? Or, amidst the winners?

And, more importantly, are you joining in?

23 Responses to “The Complete Booker in 2010”

  1. I’m pleased that you are joining this challenge as I’m a big Booker fan.

    I’d love you to read Ingenious Pain by Andrew Miller as it is one of my favourite books and noone ever reads it! I have read G from your list of winners and I wasn’t a fan and The Sea which was OK. I hope to read several of your other choices next year.

    • I’ve not heard much about Ingenious Pain, but I’ll try finding it this year. Sorry you didn’t like either G or The Sea. Would be fun comparing notes.

  2. How Late it Was, How Late is one of my favourite Bookers, so memorable. The Sea I didn’t much care for. This challenge is so tempting as I love the Booker, but have promised myself not to join any challenges next year. I do have a personal challenge to read all Bookers though. Have fun!

    • I love the Booker too. Sorry that you didn’t enjoy The Sea. Based on what you and Jackie have said, I’m tempted to remove it, but, I really do want to read all the Bookers!

      Looking forward to reading How Late It Was, How Late now.

  3. Great list. I plan to read The Sea for The Winner’s Circle also in 2010. Have fun!

  4. NICE. I should really do this challenge. I have a bunch of Booker winners sitting in my TBR pile and they are almost always books I love.

  5. Hello, I’m very glad you’re a part of this challenge! I look forward to your reads. I haven’t posted my challenge reading list yet but I’ve read all but 10 of the winners so in 2010 I’d like to complete the list.

  6. 11 Pam

    Looks like a good list! Sea of Poppies is FANTASTIC (you just need to get past some of the unusual sailors dialect and then you’ll be BEGGING for the next book in the trilogy!)

    • I have it lying at home. Might be something to bring back next year! Thanks for the recommendation. More trilogies! Yay!

      • 13 Pam

        I know notice it was ‘The Sea’ not ‘Sea of Poppies’ (silly Pam!) However, I can recommend The Sea as being very good too. Lot’s of people I know didn’t like it as it reads differently to most books – it’s kind of like a long poem in a way, but a good one!

  7. Looking forward to your thoughts on The Life and Times of Michael K; I plan on reading that next year too. I’ll be joining the challenge in some capacity and I do want to read all of the winners and shortlisted titles although I may be selective about it in 2010.

    • Cool, would be good, as always, to compare notes. Like you, I’d love to read all the winners and the shortlisted titles – but… there are just so many of them!

  8. Ooooooowwwwwwww, I can’t join another challenge! No! Behave! This is HARD! Of course I wish you all the luck with it! :)) Haven’t read any of your winners list…

  9. Last year was my first year of attempting reading challenges: and I was abysmally bad at it. I still like the idea in theory (and intend to follow your lead in reading authors from other countries, for a second time) but in practice I might just see which challenges fit the books I have read, come the end of next year.

    Or is that just defeating the object of the exercise? Academic, really; I’m sure to weaken and pick a dozen things I can’t realistically do!

    Good luck with the Complete Booker. It sounds like a worthy challenge, and I’m sure it will deliver some excellent reading.

    • The thing with challenges is, sometimes, you end up reading books you probably shouldn’t have bothered with – I found that with the Take A Chance challenge, which I mostly enjoyed. However, I don’t want to sign up for it again.

      On the other hand, I do enjoy some challenges – the 1 % Well Read Challenge, for instance. I found it way too easy to actually consider it a challenge, and I did read some amazing books as a result.

      I’ll be doing the “authors from fifteen different countries” challenge again – just because I enjoy it, and the reading experience sometimes is so much more rewarding! Glad you’ll be joining in. I’ve got to read some from your list this year!

  10. I love the Booker and have paid close attention to it for awhile now but I haven’t read many. Off the top of my head, I recommend The Blind Assassin and Disgrace if you haven’t read them.

    • I love Disgrace – it’s one of my all-time favourite books. I haven’t read The Blind Assassin though – do have it on my TBR, and will hopefully read it next year.

  11. Been meaning to leave a comment here for quite a while, but I keep forgetting to. I won’t be joining this challenge, but I think it’s a great one. Was wondering if there are any particular titles you’d recommend?

    • Thanks for the comment, Michelle. :)

      I can’t recommend Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance highly enough. Midnight’s Children is difficult to get into, but once you do, I personally found that amazing as well (if you like magical realism, you should like it).

      Also, there’s Mister Pip, which is a wonderful story.

      Those are three off the top of my head… if you do read them, I really hope you enjoy them.

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