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I almost feel like i’ve disappeared from the blogosphere… unfortunately, I have a reason – a very annoying one! My MacBook’s suffering from a broken fan. Every few minutes, it overheats and shuts down. I can’t multitask on it, and can’t use it for much as things stand.

I’ve not been as diligent in commenting as I’d like to, and so many random posts have fallen by the wayside. All in all, it’s very depressing. So, I’m using my iPhone to type this post up, and get a feel off wordpress on the phone. Don’t really have any complaints so far, but reckon writing reviews will be a bit of a nightmare.

Yep, I know what you’re thinking: why don’t I just get myself a new laptop? Well, I want to – but, I blame Apple. See, their new range of MacBook Pros are due to be announced imminently, and I don’t want to purchase the present model, as the hardware is archaic. And no – don’t even suggest Windows. There are some things I feel very strongly about. Using Windows more oft’ than I have to is one of them!! I have contemplated getting a Linux box, but, I do adore the Unibody MacBook Pros.

So, I’ll try updating my blog regularly – even if it is just a few lines from my phone. Do apologise for the lack of comments, and posts. Hopefully, blogging from this won’t be all that bad (for my eyes and the onset of RSI).

Enjoy the weekend.

21 Responses to “Lack of Updates”

  1. Please don’t let it be true that the new Macbook Pros are to be released imminently … my boyfriend bought a new one today! Hee, he’s not fussed though, but it would be bad timing.

    I take it you don’t have Apple Care? Here’s hoping that the iPhone works easily in the meantime.

    • Nope, don’t have Apple Care. On the other hand, my laptop is over three years old, and the poor thing has gone through a lot.

      I’ve been holding off buying a new MBP since November, due to a refresh being likely. Hopefully, it’ll come out in the next couple of weeks (23rd or 2nd). If it does, and your boyfriend’s so inclined, I think he can exchange it for a newer model (caveat is, it has to be within two weeks). Heck, if it’s not out by the 2nd, I’m getting a new one irrespective.

  2. Good on you for sticking to your principles and waiting for the next Mac instead of merely deflecting to a (cheaper, nastier) PC! I am doing the same myself, hanging onto my current work MacBook Pro for every last precious moment before I have to give it back, but I plan to take the plunge and acquire another MacBook Pro. “Going back” is simply not an option once you’ve had the best! :-D

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. :) was so tempted to invest in a cheap netbook, but thought that would just be a gigantic waste.

      Keep the MacBook for as long as you can :))

  3. Thats bad news about your computer, I was really annoyed when my last laptop broke, but this one is working fine which is good, knock on wood. I hope you get used to doing your blogging from the iphone, I try to do that everyone now and then, but I think that it would get pretty annoying pretty quickly.

    • Annoying, you say? Typed out a reply to your comment, hit “save,” and then after about three minutes, the iPhone decides to tell me that it’s lost connection to the network… oh, and the comment hasn’t been saved in the buffer, so I can’t copy and re-submit it!!!

      Knock wood your laptop doesn’t suffer the same fate as the previous one.

  4. If there’s one bad thing about Apple is that they supersede their products really fast. But, ah, I love Apple. Hope you get a new computer soon. :-)

  5. I hate it when computer-y things break down and don’t work. They kill me.

    But I need to ask, risking an onslaught. Hehe.. How, actually, does Mac trump PC? I need good advice here, for when I finally get the dough to get meself a MacBook Pro, and I want the goody details.

    • Tell me about it…

      Ah, how does Mac trump PC? How about how a Mac doesn’t? Okay, I’ll be helpful…

      1. Macs are less likely to get attacked by virus/spyware. Most people attribute this to the fact that Macs aren’t used as widely as Windows, which might be the case, but, it’s still a big factor. I don’t have to worry about things like anti-virus software, clicking on dodgy links inadvertently, and spyware installing itself on my computer. Big big plus.

      2. Macs have some “cool” features: if you hit F9, all your open windows cascade beautifully. I hate the way cascade works in Windows, but here – here it’s nice! Also, if you hit F12, it blanks out your screen, similar to clicking on the Desktop in Windows, but just… nicer! The animations are so much smoother.

      3. You have these things called “spaces” – so, you can have one space where you have email + chat (MSN messenger/google talk/whatever), and another which has all your web browsing, and a third which has Microsoft Word. You can switch between these spaces seamlessly.

      4. Funny fact – the MacBook Pro was voted the best laptop hardware wise for Windows Vista! Go figure…

      5. Macs just work – I’m a geek, and in my Windows days, I went through two laptops in three years. Now, I’ve had the same laptop for over three years, not felt the need to upgrade even once, and because the fan’s broken, I want to.

      Seriously, get a Mac! Can’t describe how much better than a PC it is.

  6. Oh no, how frustrating! But nice to hear from you :)

  7. Computer trouble is right up there with car trouble on the trouble scale, just slightly behind spouse trouble and child trouble.

  8. Good to hear from you :) Hope you get it resolved soon; all the technology sometimes feels like a necessary evil, but boy do you miss it when it’s gone!

    • Miss it? I pine for it, and I think about it, and I dream about it, and I feel like writing an ode to my MacBook for the three years we had together, but then, that worries me! It’s just a laptop, right? Just a…

  9. I’m a Mac girl too Cookie – definitely worth waiting for the new model! Hang in there…

  10. a-NOTHER new macbook model? Goshdarnit I just got my Macbook Pro in September, and I thought it was new.

    *incoherent grumbling*

    Yeah stick with Macbooks. I recently made the change from Windows and have loved it! Pages pwns Word.

    Btw, phone updates sound cool – maybe you could start a new trend called ‘micro-blogging’ :P

    • Oh, I love Pages. I have Microsoft Word installed on my Mac (once in a while, you do need it) and it’s horrific. In fact, after Parallels and Windows XP, it’s the worst thing that’s happened to my Mac.

      My latest post was written on my phone – only added the image using a proper laptop! Oh, the horror of spelling mistakes and typos! I’m going to give up and buy a laptop this weekend.

  11. I feel your pain in a similar way: my Canon digital camera broke down and I’m unable to take any photographs which I lost to post. It’s awful, isn’t it, to be without our resources?! I hope you recover sooner.

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